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Meet Seema Chopra.

Innovator. Swimmer. Story-teller. Engineer.


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Q: When did you decide you wanted to become an Engineer?

I decided to become an engineer back in the 8th grade. My uncle was an engineer with a reputed Government Organization. He had a big house, nice car, and was well respected within the family and community. He had it all! And as a child, I was determined to live a life like that.


Q: Tell us a little bit about what you do at Boeing.

I work as an Advanced Technologist in Data Analytics at the Boeing Research and Technology Centre, India.

My research focuses on developing next generation tools for Airplane Health Management using Machine Learning methods and real time analytics of airline big data.

In simple terms, my research will help Airlines identify and respond to problems proactively as soon as the airplane lands. This way, airplanes and passengers are back in the air as soon as possible without a delay / cancellation of flights.


Q: How did you hear about SWE? And what does SWE mean to you?

One of my friends introduced SWE to me and I was fascinated by it immediately. I wanted to be a part of such an organization being a working woman engineer.

SWE for me is a great platform for empowering  women to succeed in their careers and encouraging their life-changing contributions as engineers and leaders.


Q: What advice would you give young girls today?

Dream big and believe in yourself. You are never too young or too old to dream big. Take calculated risks and you’ll be surprised where you end up.

Every time, I took a career risk, it not only resulted in career advancement, but it helped me discover new things about myself.

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