Society of Women Engineers

Briana Aviles, Manager, Membership & Data Management

title Briana Aviles, Manager, Membership & Data Management -Briana is SWE's Manager, Membership & Data Management. Briana’s previous role was assisting the admissions department for a higher education corporation. Briana has always had an appreciation for social and intellectual diversity. Her passion towards understanding inequality lead her to Northeastern Illinois University, where she received a B.A. in Sociology, concentrating in Community Action & Social Movements. Briana has been with SWE since 2014. She is currently a part of the Engagement team where she handles the Affiliate/Section Charter process, reporting, and assists with the AMS set-up.

Fun Facts About Briana
I love playing the piano, song-writing and inviting friends over for a good jam session! I still want to learn to play the guitar. I’ve been obsessed with Ella Fitzgerald since I was 7. I love spending time with my huge family! Whether it’s celebrating birthdays/holidays or catching up over coffee, it’s always the best time.