Society of Women Engineers

Recipients – Individual Awards

2019 Recipients

Each year, SWE acknowledges those who have made great strides in technology and life, those who are just beginning to lead, and those whose work has directly impacted our mission. In the process, we bring awareness to the many contributions of women engineers, and the individuals and companies who champion diversity.

Award recipients are recognized at the SWE Annual Conference during the Awards Banquet and Celebrate SWE!

Current FY19 recipients are celebrated on Alltogether.


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2018 Conference Magazine - Awards p 119-151 and p 152-183

Achievement Jacqueline Chen, Ph.D. Sandia National Laboratories

Advocating Women in Engineering Award Stacey DelVecchio, F.SWE Caterpillar Inc.

Advocating Women in Engineering Award Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua, Ph.D. Ohlone College

Advocating Women in Engineering Award Mary Isaac, Ph.D., F.SWE HEDGE Co

Advocating Women in Engineering Award QuynhGiao N. Nguyen, Ph.D. NASA

Advocating Women in Engineering Award Kristin Robertson The Boeing Company

Distinguished Engineering Educator Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Distinguished New Engineer Letia Blanco Raytheon Company

Distinguished New Engineer Kaitlyn J. Bunker, Ph.D., P.E. Rocky Mountain Institute

Distinguished New Engineer Paola Chavira SoCalGas

Distinguished New Engineer Stephanie Foege Ambitech, a Zachry Group company

Distinguished New Engineer Natalie Miller James G. Davis Construction Corporation

Distinguished New Engineer Amy Jo Moore Northrop Grumman Corporation

Distinguished New Engineer Rupali Patil John Deere

Distinguished New Engineer Adriana Porter, P.E. Black & Veatch Corporation

Distinguished New Engineer Cathleen Saunders, P.E. Quible & Associates, P.C.

Distinguished New Engineer Cassandra Zook Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division

Distinguished Service Award Nora Lin, F.SWE Northrop Grumman Corporation

Distinguished Service Award Linda M.S. Thomas, F.SWE The Boeing Company

Emerging Leader Award Lynn Davenport Medtronic

Emerging Leader Award Rebekah Feist, Ph.D. The Dow Chemical Company

Emerging Leader Award Dayna Johnson, P.E. GE Power

Emerging Leader Award Maureen Masiulis Ball Aerospace

Emerging Leader Award Angel McMullen-Gunn United Technologies Aerospace Systems

Emerging Leader Award Ana Luisa Mendoza Northrop Grumman Corporation

Emerging Leader Award Ana Paula Ribeiro Marimoto Cummins Inc.

Emerging Leader Award Eileen M. Vélez-Vega, P.E. Kimley-Horn Puerto Rico LLC

Emerging Leader Award Alexis Wasserman, Ph.D. Merck

Emerging Leader Award Theresa Wesley Booz Allen Hamilton

Fellow Elizabeth Bierman Comcast

Fellow Pamela Dingman, P.E. Lancaster County, Nebraska

Fellow Cindy Hoover Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

Fellow Gina Janke Modine Manufacturing Company

Fellow Andrea Karalus Pratt & Whitney

Fellow Mary Roybal, Ph.D. Raytheon Missile Systems

Fellow Alyse R. Stofer Medtronic

Global Leadership Award Gail Heck-Sweeney Keysight Technologies

Global Leadership Award Mariana Karam John Deere

Global Leadership Award Kimberly Pittel Ford Motor Company

Global Team Leadership Award John Deere Tractor Embedded Architecture, System Engineering, and Quality Team, led by Rekha Gore John Deere

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Saheba Bhatnagar Rice University

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Carlisle Dejulius The University of Akron

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Cheryl Fichter University of California, Davis

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Bridget Hegarty Yale University

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Caitlyn Hines University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Sarah Lobsenz The University of Texas at Austin

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Abby Pakeltis University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Francine Reyes-Vega University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Kelsey Riffle The Ohio State University

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Catharine Rose Scoboria Villanova University

Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Ann Peedikayil Caterpillar Inc.

Prism Award Kris Acosta Northrup Grumman Corporation

Prism Award Vicki Dawkins Emerson Hermetic Motor

Prism Award Deena Disraelly, Ph.D. Institute for Defense Analyses

Prism Award Anca Eisele John Deere

Prism Award Katie Thorp, Ph.D. Air Force Research Laboratory

Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Thomas A. Kennedy, Ph.D. Raytheon Company

Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division

Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Paul Sowerby Cummins Inc.

Spark Award Kerrie Greenfelder, P.E. Burns & McDonnell

Spark Award Anne McLaren, Ph.D. Cummins Inc.

Spark Award Vikki Mueller Espinosa Intel Corporation

Spark Award Gena Vitale General Motors Corporation

Spark Award Shen-Hui Wu Northrop Grumman Corporation

Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Cindy Wallis-Lage, P.E. Black & Veatch Corporation

SWENext Global Innovator Award Swathi Parthibha Middlesex County Academy, New Jersey

SWENext Global Innovator Award Jothi Ramaswamy Lakeland High School, New York

SWENext Global Innovator Award Anushka Saran Plano Senior High School, Texas

SWENext Global Innovator Award Sanjana Shah Monta Vista High School, California

SWENext Global Innovator Award Kate Stack Glenbrook South High School, Illinois,

Work Life Integration Award Not Awarded


2017 Conference Magazine - Awards p 119-149 and p 150-181

Achievement Frances H. Arnold

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Andrew Alleyne

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Imelda G. Castro

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Heidi Millard Kenkel

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Corlis Murray Abbott

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Cynthia Reid

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Deborah O'Bannon

 Distinguished New Engineer Stephanie W. Chin

 Distinguished New Engineer Maria Cecilia de Castro Breda

 Distinguished New Engineer Stephanie DeCotiis

 Distinguished New Engineer Jenna Harpole

 Distinguished New Engineer Kate Hull

 Distinguished New Engineer Cassandra "Cassi" Janakos

 Distinguished New Engineer Melissa Peskin

 Distinguished New Engineer Sadaf Qazi

 Distinguished New Engineer Erika D. Rodriguez

 Distinguished New Engineer Jennifer Tullai

 Distinguished Service Award Susan Thomas Schlett

 Distinguished Service Award Janet L. Williams

 Emerging Leaders Award Nikki Bishop

 Emerging Leaders Award Erin M. Carroll

 Emerging Leaders Award Jill A. Entner

 Emerging Leaders Award Kelly D. Hahn

 Emerging Leaders Award Christine M. Predaina Northrop Grumman Technology Services

 Emerging Leaders Award Jennifer Reich

 Emerging Leaders Award Moushumi Shome

 Emerging Leaders Award Shannon Vittur

 Emerging Leaders Award Justyna Zander

 Emerging Leaders Award Kira Zdunek

 Entrepreneur Award Not Awarded

 Fellow Cecilia (Ceal) D. Craig

 Fellow Jude (Judith) Garzolini

 Fellow Kim O'Rourke

 Global Leadership Award Liz Ruetsch

 Global Team Leadership Award Intel Global Water Conservation Team, led by Fawn Bergen Intel Corp.

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Erin Baumgartner

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Paige Bowling

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Kelsey A. Harper

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Emily E. Hoffman

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Iris Jing

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Genevieve A. Kane

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Jeannie Marshall

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Catherine Martsolf

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Holly McTaggart

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Sarah Watzman

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Casey Waggy

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Diane L. Peters

 Prism Award Joan Chinnery

 Prism Award Lisa Depew

 Prism Award Colleen M. Layman

 Prism Award Leslie M. Phinney

 Prism Award Anna Prakash

 Resnik Challenger Medal Terri Taylor

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Mark W. Albers

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Douglas L. Roberts

 Spark Award Marie S. Cole

 Spark Award Mary Driver

 Spark Award Beverly Louie

 Spark Award Lynn Mortensen

 Spark Award Heather Savage-Erickson

 Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Denise C. Johnson

 SWENext Global Innovator Award Madeline Chairvolotti

 SWENext Global Innovator Award Esther Koh

 SWENext Global Innovator Award Alisha Mirapuri

 SWENext Global Innovator Award Saumya Rawat

 SWENext Global Innovator Award Maya Rozenshteyn

 SWENext Global Innovator Award Rebekah Travis

 SWENext Global Innovator Award Janet Wang

 Work Life Integration Award Cindy Hoover


2016 Conference Magazine - Awards p 119-141 and p 142-163

Achievement Stephanie Watts Butler

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Natalie Hagan

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Nora C. Lin Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Beth A. Mitchell

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Marla Ann Peterson

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Shelley A.M. Wolff

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Pamela M. Norris

 Distinguished New Engineer Rachel Borchers

 Distinguished New Engineer Gail Dyer

 Distinguished New Engineer Lesley Farah

 Distinguished New Engineer Stueti Gupta

 Distinguished New Engineer Sunita G. Lavin

 Distinguished New Engineer Jacquelyn K. Nagel

 Distinguished New Engineer Rebecca M. Reck

 Distinguished New Engineer Amanda Weissman

 Distinguished New Engineer Allison Wright

 Distinguished Service Award Janis L. Mantini

 Distinguished Service Award Frances Stuart

 Emerging Leaders Award Christina Bishop Jackson

 Emerging Leaders Award Lindsay M. Forsyth

 Emerging Leaders Award Allison Goodman

 Emerging Leaders Award Jaime Gray Nelson

 Emerging Leaders Award Kelly Griswold Schable

 Emerging Leaders Award Siobvan Nyikos

 Emerging Leaders Award Laura Schafer

 Emerging Leaders Award Rashi Tiwari

 Emerging Leaders Award Tracy Van Houten

 Emerging Leaders Award Janet Willett

 Entrepreneur Award Michele S. Stuart

 Fellow Cheryl Andrews Manning

 Fellow Ellen Ferraro

 Fellow Nancy Manley

 Fellow Diane L. Peters

 Fellow Holly J. Teig

 Fellow Mary C. Verstraete

 Global Leadership Award Decie Autin

 Global Leadership Award Louise Goetz

 Global Leadership Award Barbara E. Rusinko

 Global Team Leadership Award Rockwell Automation Insider Risk Team, led by Dawn Cappelli Rockwell Automation

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Erica Brackman

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Alyssa Deardorff

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Elizabeth Dreyer

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Katie Gonzagowski

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Danielle Johnson

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Rebecca Kandell

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Anna Lucrezia Oldani

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Danielle Schroeder

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Rachel Unruh

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Elia Zanella

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Not Awarded

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Terry Comerford

 Prism Award Christine A. Coverdale

 Prism Award Lesley Anne Polka

 Prism Award Mindy Rapp

 Prism Award Holly Rollins

 Prism Award Susan Stevenson

 Resnik Challenger Medal Not Awarded

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Charles E. Browning

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Alfred Grasso

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Bob Smith

 Spark Award Rhonda L. Childress

 Spark Award Reates Curry

 Spark Award Erica Messinger

 Spark Award Carolyn Moore

 Spark Award Jeff Redmon

 Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Jill M. Hruby

 SWENext / Outstanding SWENexter Sarah Adebabay

 SWENext / Outstanding SWENexter Alyson Chaney

 SWENext / Outstanding SWENexter Alycia Lee

 SWENext / Outstanding SWENexter Jordan Love

 SWENext / Outstanding SWENexter Sam Steinberg

 Work Life Integration Award Ingolf Prufer



2015 Conference Magazine - Awards p 119-149 and p 150-178

Achievement Naira Hovakimyan

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Roberta Banaszak Gleiter

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Agnes Chau Klucha

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Casee Eisele

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Patty Lopez

 Advocating Women in Engineering Award Lynn Tinker

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Nandika Anne D'Souza

 Distinguished New Engineer Michelle C. Andersen

 Distinguished New Engineer Ester Barbuto

 Distinguished New Engineer Victoria Borchers Tinsley

 Distinguished New Engineer Dana Day

 Distinguished New Engineer Brittney Elko

 Distinguished New Engineer Kalyani Mallela

 Distinguished New Engineer Susie Martinez Kirkland

 Distinguished New Engineer Rachel Diane Morford

 Distinguished New Engineer Shelley Stracener

 Distinguished New Engineer Kate van Dellen

 Distinguished Service Award Not Awarded

 Emerging Leaders Award Sumita Basu

 Emerging Leaders Award Jennifer Braganza

 Emerging Leaders Award Noramay Cadena

 Emerging Leaders Award Jocelyne Gray

 Emerging Leaders Award Kerrie L. Greenfelder

 Emerging Leaders Award Irma Khan

 Emerging Leaders Award Lori A. Masso

 Emerging Leaders Award Katherine Medalle Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

 Emerging Leaders Award Shaila Murty

 Emerging Leaders Award Jessica Snyder

 Entrepreneur Award Not Awarded

 Fellow Margo Bubb

 Fellow Stacey DelVecchio

 Fellow Lynda Grindstaff

 Fellow Sandra L. Pettit

 Fellow Beth Snyder

 Global Leadership Award Juliette J. McCoy

 Global Leadership Award Mary D. Petryszyn Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

 Global Leadership Award Joan Tafoya

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Katharine Brumbaugh Gamble

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Emily Deas

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Carina Hahn

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Melissa Lindsey

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Leah Meeks

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Sangeetha Mylvaganam

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Leabeth Peterson

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Abigail M. Spohn

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Brooke Sroczynski

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Dhanalakshmi Thiygarajan

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Charlene Willenbring

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Marcia Lam

 Prism Award Rosalind Fox

 Prism Award Lakecia N. Gunter

 Prism Award Rahima K. Mohammed

 Resnik Challenger Medal Not Awarded

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Hussein K. Mecklai

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Brian Rauch

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Lee Tschanz

 Spark Award Lew Dennis

 Spark Award Shawn Emerson Simmons

 Spark Award Lisa Gable

 Spark Award Barbara McAllister

 Spark Award Jane Orsulak

 Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Barbara Brockett

 Work Life Integration Award Karla Tankersley


2014 Conference Magazine - Awards Pages

Achievement Frances Mazze

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Karen Thole

 Distinguished New Engineer Carrie Ballester

 Distinguished New Engineer Cybil Boss

 Distinguished New Engineer Britta Jost

 Distinguished New Engineer Stacy Lueneburg

 Distinguished New Engineer Lisa M. Rimpf

 Distinguished New Engineer Stephanie R. Salas-Snyder

 Distinguished New Engineer Jessica Teachworth

 Distinguished New Engineer Erin M. Wakefield

 Distinguished New Engineer Abigail Wendt

 Distinguished New Engineer Lauren Wolf

 Distinguished Service Award Stacey Bright Culver

 Distinguished Service Award Naomi Brill

 Emerging Leaders Award Angela Ahmad

 Emerging Leaders Award Jennifer A. Brooks

 Emerging Leaders Award Kristi Christensen

 Emerging Leaders Award Dianna Genton

 Emerging Leaders Award Zohra Hemani Northrop Grumman Information Systems

 Emerging Leaders Award Laura M. Major

 Emerging Leaders Award Jessica McElman

 Emerging Leaders Award Tara L. Rossman

 Emerging Leaders Award Patricia Walker

 Emerging Leaders Award Erika Williams

 Entrepreneur Award Not Awarded

 Fellow Betty Irish

 Fellow Diana Lyn Joch Northrop Grumman Information Systems

 Fellow Slivia Karlsson

 Fellow Alma Martinez Fallon

 Fellow Helen O. Patricia,

 Fellow Catherine Pieronek

 Global Leadership Award Rita Bowser

 Global Leadership Award Anne Cote

 Global Leadership Award Suzanne R. Davidson

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Kaitlyn J. Bunker

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Grace Guin

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Samantha Knoll

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Mary Ashley Liu

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Ritu Raman

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Alexandra Romine

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Samantha Scharles

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Tabitha Voytek

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Erin Westerby

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Nicole Woon

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Jennifer May Vilbig

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Kristine K. Craven

 Prism Award Cindy Hoover

 Prism Award Emily Howard

 Prism Award Carol J. Weber

 Resnik Challenger Medal Not Awarded

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Nicholas (Nick) C. Bell

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Gene Fraser Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Janeen Judah

 Work Life Integration Award Not Awarded


2013 Conference Magazine - Awards Pages

Achievement Eve Sprunt

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Beth Todd

 Distinguished New Engineer Holly Ann Friedt

 Distinguished New Engineer Maureen E. Masiulis

 Distinguished New Engineer Jessica R. Mattis

 Distinguished New Engineer Karen E. Roth

 Distinguished New Engineer Natalie Vanderspiegel

 Distinguished New Engineer Eileen Velez-Vega

 Distinguished New Engineer Charlene Willenbring

 Distinguished Service Award Anita Gale

 Distinguished Service Award Felicita Saiez

 Emerging Leaders Award Linh Dang Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

 Emerging Leaders Award Lisa E. Depew

 Emerging Leaders Award Sonja Domazet Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Emerging Leaders Award Elizabeth Garypie

 Emerging Leaders Award Jessica Gullbrand

 Emerging Leaders Award Ya Guo

 Emerging Leaders Award Diane C. LaFortune Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

 Emerging Leaders Award Pushpa Manukonda

 Emerging Leaders Award Susan Rea Peterson

 Emerging Leaders Award Danielle Simonelli

 Entrepreneur Award Pamela Dingman

 Fellow Elizabeth A. (Libby) Allman

 Fellow Naomi Brill

 Fellow Virginia Counts

 Fellow Semahat S. Demir

 Fellow Mary E. Kinsella

 Fellow Marilyn Mikulski Reeder

 Fellow Linda M.S. Thomas

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Katherine Alfredo

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Christella J. Chavez

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Rachel Hughes

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Sofie Leon

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Nicole Navinsky

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Helene Finger

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Elizabeth A. Thompson

 Resnik Challenger Medal Christine E. Geosling Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Jack D. Welsh, Jr.

 Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Cindy R. Kent

 Work Life Integration Award Kathleen Cullinan Bove


2012 Conference Magazine -Awards Pages

Achievement Yildiz Bayazitoglu

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dawn Tilbury

 Distinguished New Engineer Annmarie Conner

 Distinguished New Engineer Jennifer Harris Nichols

 Distinguished New Engineer Holli Pheil

 Distinguished New Engineer Pamela Snyder

 Distinguished New Engineer Tracy Van Houten

 Distinguished Service Award Diana Joch Northrop Grumman Information Systems

 Emerging Leaders Award Deborah Caine

 Emerging Leaders Award Regan Campbell

 Emerging Leaders Award Danielle Curcio

 Emerging Leaders Award Lt. Cmdr. Susan Faulkner

 Emerging Leaders Award Linda Freeman Romer

 Emerging Leaders Award Divya Gopalan

 Emerging Leaders Award Elizabeth Green Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Emerging Leaders Award Tameika Hollis Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

 Emerging Leaders Award Qiong Jackson Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Emerging Leaders Award Suzanne Jewett

 Emerging Leaders Award Laura Juette

 Emerging Leaders Award Ellen Lee

 Emerging Leaders Award Reena Singhal Lee

 Emerging Leaders Award Kimberly Stauffer Harr

 Entrepreneur Award Loraine A. Huchler

 Fellow Wendy Bromenshenkel

 Fellow Stacey Culver

 Fellow Barbara Donoghue Darnell

 Fellow Laura Gimpelson

 Fellow Debra Kimberling

 Fellow Marie P. Laplante

 Fellow Mary Studlick

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Megan Adams

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Emily Anderson

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Elizabeth Junkin

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Morgan Miller

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Rebecca Summ

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Angela (Angel) McMullen-Gunn

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Beth Holloway

 Resnik Challenger Medal Not Awarded

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Bryan Haynes

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial John Tracy

 Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Natalie Givans

 Work Life Integration Award Molly Laegeler


Achievement Christina H. Amon

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Christine Hailey

 Distinguished New Engineer Allison Goodman

 Distinguished New Engineer Dayna Johnson

 Distinguished New Engineer Lindsay Laskowski

 Distinguished New Engineer Angela "Angel" McMullen-Gunn

 Distinguished New Engineer Deborah Willems

 Distinguished Service Award Not Awarded

 Emerging Leaders Award Januca Berry Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Emerging Leaders Award Colleen Layman

 Emerging Leaders Award Erica Messinger

 Emerging Leaders Award Jessica Rannow

 Emerging Leaders Award Stephanie Shanley

 Emerging Leaders Award Melissa Soley

 Emerging Leaders Award Alyse Stofer

 Entrepreneur Award Not Awarded

 Fellow Bernice Brody

 Fellow Joan Graf

 Fellow Nora Lin Northrop Grumman Electronics Systems

 Fellow Gail Mattson

 Fellow Mary Phelps

 Fellow Ronna Robertson

 Fellow Yvonne Simms

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Kristina Hammarstrom

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Jill Hoover Hershman

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Shantal Hunt

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Cassandra "Cassi" Janakos

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Prinda Wanakule

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Alexis Wallen

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Mary Verstraete

 Resnik Challenger Medal Kim de Groh

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Joseph Bordogna

 Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Tanya L. Utley

 Work Life Balance Award Kate Maxwell

2010 - 2001


Achievement Chieko Asakawa

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Not awarded

 Distinguished New Engineer Missy Brost

 Distinguished New Engineer Kerrie Greenfelder

 Distinguished New Engineer Kelly Griswold Schable

 Distinguished New Engineer Tina Haley

 Distinguished New Engineer Erin McGinnis

 Distinguished Service Award Yvonne Brill

 Distinguished Service Award Marjorie Inden

 Distinguished Service Award Marilee Wheaton

 Emerging Leaders Award Claire Jung

 Emerging Leaders Award Anisha Ladha

 Emerging Leaders Award Helen M. Phillips Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Emerging Leaders Award Tamaira Ross

 Emerging Leaders Award Jill Sciarappo

 Emerging Leaders Award Karla Tankersley

 Emerging Leaders Award Michele Van Dyke-Lewis

 Entrepreneur Award Sandra C. Scanlon

 Fellow Terri Fraser Morse

 Fellow Jane Knoche

 Fellow Alma Kuppinger Foreman

 Fellow April Renee Lauper

 Fellow Mary D. Petryszyn

 Fellow Linda Reed Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

 Fellow Wendy Schauer Landwehr Northrop Grumman Corporation, Electronics Systems

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Katherine Gage

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Theresa LaFollette

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Michelle Oswald

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Anne Silverman

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Lesley Telford

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Katie Tepper

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Jenny Tsao

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Karen J. Horton

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Louise Stark

 Resnik Challenger Medal Elizabeth Sholes

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial William R. Goodin UCLA Extension

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Captain Mordechai Levin

 Upward Mobility Award Gayle Roberts

 Work Life Balance Award Debbie Edwards Veihdeffer Northrop Grumman Corporation




Achievement Aslaug Haraldsdottir

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Amanie N. Abdelmessih

 Distinguished New Engineer Diane LaFortune Northrop Grumman Corporation

 Distinguished New Engineer Mary E. Perkinson Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding

 Distinguished New Engineer Jessica Rannow

 Distinguished New Engineer Reena Singhal Lee

 Distinguished New Engineer Patricia Walker

 Distinguished Service Award Not Awarded

 Emerging Leaders Award Amy Benecke McLaren

 Emerging Leaders Award Jennifer Bly

 Emerging Leaders Award Stefanie Chiras

 Emerging Leaders Award Soh Khim Ong

 Emerging Leaders Award Lt. Cmdr. Michelle Lee Nakamura

 Emerging Leaders Award Peggy Panagopoulos Flaherty

 Emerging Leaders Award Julie Rolffs

 Entrepreneur Award Not Awarded

 Fellow Toni L. Doolen

 Fellow Marge Inden

 Fellow Sandra Postel

 Fellow Michelle Torotlani Northrop Grumman Electronics Systems

 Fellow Janet L. Williams

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Martha Addison

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Sara Grano

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Chelsea Ryberg

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Kristina Wang

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Jessica Wood

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Diana Madden

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Candace Sulzbach

 Resnik Challenger Medal Margot L. Wasz

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Craig Barnes

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Neil Gillespie

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Rear Admiral Wayne "Greg" Shear, Jr.

 Upward Mobility Award Joanne M. Maguire

 Work Life Balance Award Not Awarded




Achievement Melanie Cole

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Not awarded

 Distinguished New Engineer Jennifer I. Braganza

 Distinguished New Engineer Jennifer Chen Morikawa

 Distinguished New Engineer Irene V. Hodor

 Distinguished New Engineer Hayley R. McGuire

 Distinguished New Engineer Erin Penne

 Distinguished Service Award Terri F. Morse

 Distinguished Service Award Charlotte Wagner

 Emerging Leaders Award Sandra K. Edmonds

 Emerging Leaders Award Lt. Cmdr. Camille Flaherty

 Emerging Leaders Award Amy Herbert

 Emerging Leaders Award Ramune Nagisetty

 Emerging Leaders Award Jada A. Phillabaum

 Emerging Leaders Award Kimberly Smieja

 Entrepreneur Award Carol Craig

 Fellow Lucy Hsu

 Fellow Nora Hsu Davis

 Fellow Marcia L. Lampela

 Fellow Anne M. Lucietto

 Fellow Charlotte W. Wagner

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Christine Cabrera

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Brittney Elko

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Jessica Kiefer

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Rashi Tiwari

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Kate Van Dellen

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Heather A. Doty

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Beth A. Todd

 Resnik Challenger Medal Not awarded

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Sam Angelos, Jr.

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Donald F. McCormack

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Daniel L. Smith

 Upward Mobility Award Florence Hudson

 Work Life Balance Award Kate Quinn




Achievement Pamela Kay Strong

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Not awarded

 Distinguished New Engineer Mary Clor

 Distinguished New Engineer Heather Doty

 Distinguished New Engineer Lana Fountain Flakes

 Distinguished New Engineer Allison Pedersen

 Distinguished New Engineer Stacie Suggs Northrop Grumman Space Technology

 Distinguished Service Award Esther Heller

 Distinguished Service Award Betty P. Preece

 Emerging Leaders Award Susan Benysh

 Emerging Leaders Award Ellen Ferraro

 Emerging Leaders Award Lynda Grindstaff

 Emerging Leaders Award Michelle Ivy

 Emerging Leaders Award Cathy Krier

 Emerging Leaders Award Shannon K. Phillips

 Entrepreneur Award Kristy Schloss

 Fellow Violettee (Vi) Brown

 Fellow Esther Heller

 Fellow Sandra C. Scanlon

 Fellow Penny Wirsing

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Maria Accomando Edwards

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Meredith Caldwell

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Talia Esser

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Kristen Elizabeth Kesse

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Priscila Silva-Araujo

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Jennifer Vallero

 Outstanding Collegiate Member Award Amanda Wachtel

 Outstanding SWE Counselor Award Jennifer Chen Morikawa

 Outstanding SWE Faculty Advisor Catherine F. Pieronek

 Resnik Challenger Medal Not awarded

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial James B. Porter, Jr.

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Robert N. Stargel

 Upward Mobility Award Sandra Postel

 Work Life Balance Award Betty Purkey




Achievement Elaine S. Oran

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Not awarded

 Distinguished New Engineer Elizabeth Bierman Honeywell Aerospace

 Distinguished New Engineer Jonna Gerken Pratt & Whitney

 Distinguished New Engineer Harmony Myers NASA, Kennedy Space Center

 Distinguished New Engineer Alka Patel Pepper Hamilton LLP

 Distinguished New Engineer Alyse Stofer Transoma Medical

 Distinguished Service Award LeEarl Bryant Texas LAB Consultants

 Distinguished Service Award Nancy Wheeler-Nelson Trimble

 Emerging Leaders Award Siddika Demir Bechtel Corp.

 Emerging Leaders Award Erika Edgerly Intel Corp.

 Emerging Leaders Award Stacy Kalisz Johnson Agilent Technologies

 Emerging Leaders Award Anne M. Kraft Xcel Energy

 Emerging Leaders Award Fernanda Philbrick Intel Corp.

 Emerging Leaders Award Karrie Trauth Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Ship Systems (NGSS)

 Entrepreneur Award Not Awarded

 Fellow Mary Anderson-Rowland

 Fellow Frances Ferris

 Fellow Michele Fitzpatrick

 Fellow Margaret Lyons

 Fellow Suzanne Moore

 Fellow Jane Zimmer Daniels

 Resnik Challenger Medal Not awarded

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Donald A. Aker Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, R.I.

 Upward Mobility Award Yukako Uchinaga-san IBM Japan

 Work Life Balance Award Tawnya Smart Frito-Lay North America




Achievement Bonnie J. Dunbar

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Deborah J. Fisher University of New Mexico

 Distinguished New Engineer Linda A. Freeman Rockwell Automation

 Distinguished New Engineer Angela O'Gorman The Boeing Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Karla K. Romereim Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Melissa Tata Dell Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Katy Weidenfeller Exxon Mobil Corp.

 Distinguished Service Award Sharon Cascadden Hughes Space and Communications Co.

 Distinguished Service Award Judith L. Forbes Jandr Associates

 Distinguished Service Award Jane Zimmer Daniels The Henry Luce Foundation

 Emerging Leaders Award Semahat S. Demir National Science Foundation

 Emerging Leaders Award Jan Garrett-Hoffman IBM Corp.

 Emerging Leaders Award Rachel S. Hutter Walt Disney World Co.

 Emerging Leaders Award Mindy Koch Intel Corp.

 Emerging Leaders Award Kelly Lynn Orr Caterpillar Inc.

 Emerging Leaders Award Tamara Lyn Pippert Agilent Technologies

 Emerging Leaders Award Holly Jean Tieg Caterpillar Inc.

 Entrepreneur Award Marsha Anderson Bomar Street Smarts, Inc.

 Fellow Not awarded

 Resnik Challenger Medal Karen P. Scott The Aerospace Corp.

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Peter Y. Lee California Polytechnic State University

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial G. Thomas Marsh Lockheed Martin

 Upward Mobility Award Mary D. Petryszyn Raytheon

 Work Life Balance Award Marie Wieck IBM Corp.




Achievement Kristina M. Johnson, Ph.D. Duke University

 Distinguished Engineering Educator JoAnn S. Lighty University of Utah

 Distinguished New Engineer Caroline C. Desmone GE Power Systems

 Distinguished New Engineer Kristine E. McCaffrey Calleguas Municipal Water District

 Distinguished New Engineer Linette Patterson MacLeodUSA

 Distinguished New Engineer Amy Poirier General Motors Corporation

 Distinguished New Engineer Karen G. Tyll Roux Associates, Inc.

 Distinguished Service Award Marsha A. Meili The Boeing Company

 Entrepreneur Award Judith Nitsch Judith Nitsch Engineering, Inc.

 Fellow Beth Posey-Leonhard

 Fellow Felicita Saiez

 Fellow Beth Todd

 Resnik Challenger Medal No Recipient

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Jean-Lou A. Chameau Georgia Institute of Technology

 Upward Mobility Award Vicki E. Panhuise Honeywell

 Work Life Balance Award Anne Marie Johlie Motorola, Inc.




Achievement Mitra Dutta

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Ruth E. Baltus Clarkson University

 Distinguished New Engineer Kristin R. Brandenberg

 Distinguished New Engineer Jennifer J. Darnell

 Distinguished New Engineer Semahat Demir

 Distinguished New Engineer Debra A. Jones

 Distinguished New Engineer Michele Tesciuba

 Distinguished Service Award Joyce Gienger Medalen

 Distinguished Service Award Judith Kersey

 Entrepreneur Award Cheri J. Leigh Leigh & O'Kane, LLC

 Fellow Michelle Ditizio Ballew

 Fellow Gloria Montano

 Fellow Patricia M. Nelson

 Fellow Laurie Ramsay

 Fellow Caroline VanIngen-Dunn

 Resnik Challenger Medal Col. Eileen M. Collins National Aeronautics and Space Administration & United State Air Force

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Nicholas M. Donofrio IBM

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Gerard M. Exley Naval Underwater Warfare Center

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial W. George Hairston, III Southern Nuclear Operating Company

 Upward Mobility Award Patricia D. Galloway Nielsen-Wurster Group

 Work Life Balance Award Rosalind J. Cox Ford Motor Co.




Achievement Umit Ozkan Ohio State University

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Mary Anderson-Rowland Arizona State University

 Distinguished New Engineer Pamela L. Dingman Lamp, Rynearson & Associates

 Distinguished New Engineer Danielle Forget-Shield RUST Environment & Infrastructure

 Distinguished New Engineer Anne C. O'Neill MTA New York City Transit

 Distinguished New Engineer Diane L. Peters Western Printing Machinery Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Lynn Surdock Design Plus?

 Distinguished Service Award Alexis C. Swoboda Bureau of Land Management

 Distinguished Service Award Jill S. Tietjen Technically Speaking, LLC

 Entrepreneur Janis Sands Ash Ash Engineering, Inc.

 Fellow George R. Brewster Corning Incorporated

 Fellow Sandra L. Hyland Tokyo Electron Massachusettes

 Fellow Pamela Kay Strong Boeing

 Fellow Janis Mantini Delta Expendable Launch Vehicles

 Fellow Deborah J. O'Bannon Univerisity of Missouri-Kansas City

 Fellow Kristy A. Schloss Schloss Engineered Equipment

 Fellow Elizabeth A. Shanahan Society of Women Engineers

 Fellow Shelley A.M. Wolff HNRB Corporation

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Truman T. Bell ExxonMobil Foundation

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Terry E. Shoup Santa Clara University

 Upward Mobility Wanda Austin Engineering & Technology Group

 Work/Life Balance Award Becky White Sain Associates




Achievement Judith Clapp The Mitre Corporation

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Neda Saravanja-Fabris UCLA - California State University, Los Angeles

 Distinguished New Engineer Andrea Bartoletti Stenberg Cable and Wireless

 Distinguished New Engineer Irene F. Chang ExxonMobil Chemical Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Sarah Kirkish Ford Motor Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Sandra L. Pettit TECO Power Services

 Distinguished New Engineer Emily J. Synk General Electric Aircraft Engines

 Distinguished Service Award Mabel Esteves-Velazquez Hewlett Packard Company

 Distinguished Service Award Phyllis S. Gaylard Satellite Concepts Group

 Distinguished Service Award Dorothy P. Morris Victory Engineering

 Distinguished Service Award Patricia Shamamy Lawrence Technological University

 Entrepreneur Cheryl Collarini Collarini Engineering, Inc.; Petro-Temps, Inc.; Anchor Engineering, Inc.

 Fellow Gloria Brooks Reinish Fairleigh Dickinson University

 Fellow Sherita T. Ceasar Scientific-Atlantic, Inc.

 Fellow Margaret Layne National Academy of Engineering

 Fellow KC Norris IBM

 Fellow Nancy Wheeler-Nelson Trimble

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Thomas W. Lester University of Kentucky

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Gerson Montenegro Personal Products Worldwide, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Company

 Upward Mobility Debra Starnes Lyondell Chemical Company


2000 - 1991


Achievement F. Suzanne Jenniches Northrop Grumman Corp.

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. JoAnn Silverstein University of Colorado at Boulder

 Distinguished New Engineer Sarah Louise Corbin Baxter Healthcare, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Siddika Demir Bechtel Corporation

 Distinguished New Engineer Dawne E. LeKang Inter-National Research Institute

 Distinguished New Engineer Cindia Ann Powers Jacobs Engineering Group

 Distinguished New Engineer Birgit L. Sorgenfrei Ford Motor Company

 Distinguished Service Award Arminta Harness Westinghouse Hanford Company

 Distinguished Service Award Carolyn F. Phillips Shell Oil Company

 Distinguished Service Award Ada I. Pressman Bechtel Corporation

 Distinguished Service Award Mary Rogers Lockheed Missiles and Space

 Distinguished Service Award Claire M. Shortall

 Fellow Roberta Banaszak Gleiter The Aerospace Corporation

 Fellow Debra Patrice Evans Motorola, Inc.

 Fellow Rosemary LaFrance Raytheon

 Fellow T. Meredith Ross Applied Materials

 Fellow Marilee J. Wheaton TRW

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. John R. Short Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial William J. Wilhelm Wichita State University

 Upward Mobility Susan Cischke DaimlerChrysler Corporation




Achievement Shirley Schwartz General Motors Research and Development Center

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Christine Amon Carnegie Mellon University

 Distinguished New Engineer Hilary Eichler Consultant

 Distinguished New Engineer Ellen Ferraro Raytheon

 Distinguished New Engineer Silvia Karlsson General Motors

 Distinguished New Engineer Wendy Kunzelman Bromenshenkel Motive Norco Refining Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Mary Ann Walsh Bechtel-Bettis, Inc.

 Fellow Sharon E. Cascadden Hughes Space and Communications Company,

 Fellow Kathryn Mueller Cunningham Ameritech

 Fellow Daria Wightman HDR Engineering, Inc.

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Juergen G. Keil Naval Undersea Warfare Division

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Ellis B. Rowe Mars, Inc.

 Upward Mobility Dr. Kathryn Jackson Tennessee Valley Authority




Achievement Lisa C. Klein Rutgers University

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Yvonne Y. Clark Tennessee State University

 Distinguished New Engineer Deanna Agostinelli Intel Corporation

 Distinguished New Engineer Cynthia Hodges Ford Motor Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Alison Holmes Ford Motor Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Lynne Powell Bechtel Corporation

 Distinguished New Engineer Sandra C. Scanlon Amoco Corp.

 Fellow Ellen Hippeli U.S. Air Force

 Fellow Mary Virginia Jones Atlantic Research Corporation

 Fellow Wanda Munn Westinghouse Hanford Company

 Fellow Roberta J. Nichols Ford Motor Company

 Resnick Challenger Medal Donna L. Shirley NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial William J. Wepfer Georgia Tech

 Upward Mobility Joan B. Woodard Sandia National Laboratories




Achievement Ilene Busch-Vishniac University of Texas at Austin

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Yildiz Bayazitoglu Rice University

 Distinguished New Engineer Toni L. Doolen Hewlett Packard

 Distinguished New Engineer Jill Farenholtz Sandia National Laboratories

 Distinguished New Engineer Marie Patricia Laplante ARCO Chemical Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Alma U. Martinez Fallon Newport News Shipyard

 Distinguished New Engineer Mary Kay Nye Shell Oil Company

 Fellow Anita Gale Boeing North American

 Fellow Elsa Garmire Dartmouth College

 Fellow Michele Mingoia Xerox Corporation

 Fellow Judith Nitsch Judith Nitsch Engineering, Inc.

 Fellow Anna Salguero Southwestern Bell Technology Resources, Inc.

 Fellow Barbara Wollmershauser MAPCO, Inc.

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial B.J. Harrod Society of Women Engineers

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Walter D. McFall Argonne National Laboratory

 Upward Mobility Susan Wood Westinghouse Savannah River Company




Achievement Barbara Liskov Massachusettes Institute of Technology

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Pamela Ann Eibeck Northern Arizona University

 Distinguished New Engineer Mary E. Kinsella U.S. Air Force

 Distinguished New Engineer Debbie O'Callaghan Public Service Company of New Mexico

 Distinguished New Engineer Suzanne Sharpe Sonnier Texaco Explorations and Productions, Inc.

 Fellow Susan L. Best McCormick, Taylor & Associates, Inc.

 Fellow Patricia L. Eng U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

 Fellow Glynis A. Hinschberger Northern States Power

 Fellow Connie H. King James L. Merrill Attorneys at Law

 Fellow Donald P. Naismith University of North Dakota

 Fellow Susan V. Parsons Northrop Grumman Corp.

 Fellow Edward D. Spear

 Fellow Linda L. Velez Rodriguez University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

 Resnick Challenger Medal Barbara L. Heizer The Boeing Company

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial John W. Cosper HNTB

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Philip A. La Brecque Jr. Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division

 Upward Mobility Charla Wise Lockheed Martin Tactile Aircraft Systems




Achievement Manijeh Razeghi Northwestern University

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Katherine T. Faber Northwestern University

 Distinguished New Engineer Karen Brailean Motorola Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Patricia C. Guy Corning Incorporated

 Distinguished New Engineer Kathy J. Kent Vulcan Peroxidation Systems

 Distinguished New Engineer Jeanne Trinko Mechler IBM

 Fellow Cheri J. Leigh Leigh & O'Kane Structural Engineers

 Fellow Shirley C. McCarty Aerospace Corporation

 Fellow Anne P. Rowe La Roche College

 Fellow Susan E. Schur Susan E. Schur Advertising

 Fellow Claire M. Shortall Central Louisiana Electric Company

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial J. Ray Bowen University of Washington

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. Richard H. Nadolink Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division

 Upward Mobility Marie Knowles ARCO Transportation Company




Achievement Elsa Garmire USC - University of Southern California

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Martha Sloan Michigan Technological University

 Distinguished New Engineer Naomi C. Brill Pharmacia Deltec

 Distinguished New Engineer Lorraine A. Huchler BETZ Water Management Group

 Distinguished New Engineer Kristy A. Schloss Schloss Engineered Equipment, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Margaret  H. Tancula Alvord, Burdick & Howson (consulting engineers)

 Distinguished New Engineer Janet L. Williams Sandia National Laboratores

 Fellow Jill S. Baylor (Tietjen) Stone & Webster Management Consultants

 Fellow Luanne Beckley Rockwell International

 Fellow Barbara C. Faust Martin Marietta AstroSpace

 Fellow Barbara G. Fox City of Chicago Dept. of Water Bureau of Operations

 Fellow Kathleen F. Harer NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

 Fellow F. Suzanne Jenniches Westinghouse Electric Corp.

 Fellow Martha E. Sloan Michigan Technological University

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. William B. Streett Cornell University

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial John A. White Georgia Tech

 Upward Mobility JoAnn Morgan NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration




Achievement Elsa Reichmanis AT&T Bell Laboratories

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Elham Makram Clemson University

 Distinguished New Engineer Daryl Lynn Farley AT&T Bell Laboratories

 Distinguished New Engineer Nancy Huelsmann Hewlett Packard Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Monica M. Oakley Greeley and Hansen Engineers

 Distinguished New Engineer Theresa M. Snyder Betz Process Chemicals, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Marjorie L. Whipple Sandia National Laboratory

 Fellow Alice M. Anderson Systems Analysis & Control, Inc.

 Fellow Judith Anderson Kersey NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

 Fellow Lynne E. Bertuglia Black & Veatch

 Fellow Anne Bonds Bonds & Associates

 Fellow Shryl E. Emhoff Glendale Community College

 Fellow Mabel R. Esteves-Velasquez Hewlett Packard Company

 Fellow Mary Hegwer Indermill Ralph M. Parsons Company

 Fellow Maggie Hickel 3M Company

 Fellow Jacqueline L LaBarre Corning, Inc.

 Fellow Evelyn Murray Atholl Brose (Scottish imports store)

 Fellow Doris H. Powers Shielding Technologies, Inc.

 Fellow Sally Sussman Greater New York Mechanical Contractors

 Fellow Alexis C. Swoboda U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management

 Fellow Maryly Van Leer Peck Polk Community College

 Resnik Challenger Medal Yvonne C. Brill Consultant

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Ralph E. Klesius Delmarva Power & Light Company

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Stanley I. Proctor Monsanto

 Upward Mobility Mary Virginia Jones Atlantic Research Corporation




Achievement Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou Rutgers University

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Anne S. Kiremidjian Stanford University

 Distinguished New Engineer Rebecca Lance Svatos CH2M Hill

 Distinguished New Engineer Donna K. Potter Lockheed Missiles and Space Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Rona J. Prufer Hewlett Packard Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Elizabeth W. Snyder Rockwell International

 Fellow Elladine M. Foley General Dynamics

 Fellow Judie L. Forbes TRW Technar, Inc.

 Fellow Mary B. McCarthy Lockheed Missiles and Space Company

 Fellow Jean McGlenn Richardson Bureau of Environmental Sciences, City of Porland, Oregon

 Fellow Judith K. Simmons Tencon, Inc.

 Fellow Hanka Sobczak Chryssafopoulos Hsce, Inc.

 Fellow Jaclyn A. Spear Westinghouse Savannah River Company

 Fellow Susan K. Whatley

 Resnick Challenger Medal Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. John A. Brighton Pennsylvania State University

 Upward Mobility Francis E. Lockwood Penzoil Products Company




Achievement Julia Weertman Northwestern University

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Christine A. Shoemaker Cornell University

 Distinguished New Engineer Sharon E. Cascadden Hughes Aircraft Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Sherita T. Ceasar Motorola, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Felicita Saiez Saiez Enterprises

 Distinguished New Engineer Claire M. Thielen Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center

 Distinguished New Engineer Daria Wightman CH2M Hill Northwest Inc.

 Fellow Carolyn K. Campbell City of Brisbane Public Works Department

 Fellow Margaret R. Fox National Bureau of Standards

 Fellow G. Jean Hopppert Mars, Inc.

 Fellow Marie S. Kiss Norwalk State Technical College

 Fellow Anna K. Longobardo UNISYS Corporation

 Fellow Mary Ann Mevers Rockwell International

 Fellow Irene C. Peden University of Washington

 Fellow Betty P. Preece

 Fellow Patricia M. Shamamy Lawrence Technological University

 Resnick Challenger Medal Dr. Elfreda Chang The Aerospace Corporation

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. Kenneth N. Derucher Stevens Institute

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. Paul E. Gray MIT - Massachusettes Institute of Technology

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Aris Melissaratos Westinghouse Aerospace

 Upward Mobility Linda E. Jennett Schlumberger



Achievement Lynn Conway University of Michigan

 Distinguished New Engineer Deborah D. Coates-DeBoer AT&T Network Systems

 Distinguished New Engineer Lucy Hsu MakeSystems, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Suzette P. Neuenhaus AMOCO Production Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Barbara L. Potter Kaldveer Associates, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Marilee J. Wheaton The Aerospace Corporation

 Fellow Patricia L. Brown Stepan Company

 Fellow Kathleen J. Callanan The Boeing Company

 Fellow Nancy Deloye Fitzroy General Electric Corporation

 Fellow Thelma A. Estrin

 Fellow Dee Holladay Jones University of Illinois

 Fellow Nancy M. Redgate EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

 Fellow Irene W. Sharpe United Technologies-Automotive

 Fellow Sharon Varian Loeffler Contel/Telos Federal Systems

 Fellow Josephine R. Webb Consultant

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Hewlett Packard Company The Hewlett Packard Company

 Upward Mobility Eleanor Baum The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art




Achievement Doris Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf University of Virginia

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Julia R. Weertman Northwestern University

 Distinguished New Engineer Deborah J. Davis Reliance Electric

 Distinguished New Engineer Jane E. Knoche Federal Aviation Administration

 Distinguished New Engineer Deborah Mabile Settoon Texaco

 Distinguished New Engineer Gloria Montano Teradyne, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Ruthanne Omer Gateway Engineers, Inc.

 Fellow Lois L. Cooper California Department of Transportation

 Fellow Barbara C. Johnson Rockwell International Corporation

 Fellow Mary Rogers Lockheed Missiles and Space Company

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. James H. Woodward University of Alabama at Birmingham

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Brian S. Wygle The Boeing Company

 Upward Mobility Edith W. Martin The Boeing Company




Achievement Roberta J. Nichols Ford Motor Company

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Bonita J. Campbell California State University at Northridge

 Distinguished New Engineer Patricia L. Eng Nuclear Regulatory Commission

 Distinguished New Engineer Cynthia Fabian Mascone Chemical Engineering magazine

 Distinguished New Engineer Carol Ann Gonzales Louisiana Land and Exploration Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Diane R. Hershberger Burns & McDonnell

 Distinguished New Engineer T. Meredith Ross

 Fellow Emma C. Barth Westinghouse Electric Co

 Fellow LeEarl A. Bryant Rockwell International???

 Fellow Margaret W. Eller Louisiana State University

 Fellow Jane G. Evans Hewlett Packard

 Fellow Carolyn A. Fazzolari College of Staten Island

 Fellow Sarah E. Harper

 Fellow Mary Lee E. Hornberger

 Fellow Lydia B. Lazurenko

 Fellow Martha E. Munzer

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Jack H. Ferguson




Achievement Nance Dicciani Air Products and Chemicals

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Margaret R. Taber Purdue University

 Distinguished New Engineer Stacey Bright Culver McDermott, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Grace E. Chow NBS/Lowry Engineers and Planners

 Distinguished New Engineer Glynis A. Hinschberger Northern States Power

 Distinguished New Engineer Daria A. Pishko Northeast Utilities Service Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Joyce M. Woods Dow Chemical USA

 Fellow Elanor Baum Pratt Institute

 Fellow Anne O. Fletcher Ford Motor Company

 Fellow Phyllis S. Gaylard Rockwell International

 Fellow Lucille B. Kaufman Arizona State University

 Fellow Dorothy P. Morris Morris Associates

 Fellow Helen M. Morris Lockheed Missiles and Space Company

 Fellow Margaret A. Pritchard Consultant

 Fellow Katharine Stinson Federal Aviation Administration

 Fellow Dr. Margaret R. Taber Purdue University

 Fellow Rose Worobel Hamilton Standard

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. Eberhardt Rechtin Aerospace Corporation




Achievement Yvonne C. Brill RCA AstroElectronics

 Distinguished Engineering Educator Dr. Rosalia N. Andrews University of Alabama at Birmingham

 Distinguished New Engineer Margaret Bliss Uphres James M. Montgomery, Consulting Engineers, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Teresa A. Helmlinger Carolina Power & Light Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Mary E. Higgins Exxon Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Sharon S. Irish Arkansas Louisiana Gas & Power Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Barbara L. Rosenstroch Ebasco Services, Inc.

 Fellow Wilma W. Bay United States Geological Survey

 Fellow Dormer M. Ellis School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto

 Fellow Isabel H. Hardwich Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Ltd., Manchester

 Fellow Jacqueline Juillard

 Fellow Paula L. Loring Director of Informational Systems

 Fellow Judith H. Maddox E.I. De Pont Nemours and Co.

 Fellow Mattie F. McFadden Raytheon Company

 Fellow Frances M. Richardson North Carolina State University

 Fellow Irene E. Ryan Dept. of Economic Development for the State of Alaska

 Fellow Tess Tierney Mott Community College

 Fellow Marie Weber Owen Temple, Buell, Architect

 Fellow Mary Ann Zimmerman Cummins Engine Company




Achievement Y.C.L. Susan Wu University of Tennessee Space Institute

 Distinguished New Engineer Margaret Hickel 3M Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Karen Lawrence Naval Ocean Systems Center

 Distinguished New Engineer Martha S. Martin Tennessee Valley Authority

 Distinguished New Engineer Wanda Munn Westinghouse Hanford Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Annette Oertling Exxon Company

 Fellow Anna E. Armour Gruppo SIP

 Fellow Betty Lou Bailey General Electric

 Fellow Yvonne C. Brill NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

 Fellow Clara M. Brock Lockheed Missiles and Space Company

 Fellow Elayne M. Brower Management Analysis Company

 Fellow Ivy F. Hooks Barrios Technology

 Fellow Stella Lawrence Bronx Community College

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. George R. Brewster Corning Incorporated




Achievement Geraldine Cox Chemical Manufacturers Association

 Distinguished New Engineer Mary Ann Huff

 Distinguished New Engineer Lisa Klein Rutgers University

 Distinguished New Engineer Claire Shortall

 Distinguished New Engineer Janice Vantreasa

 Distinguished New Engineer Vicki Wagner

 Fellow Yvonne Y. Clark Tennessee State University

 Fellow Darlyne C. Fuller

 Fellow Helen E. Grenga

 Fellow Dorothy M. Hoffman

 Fellow Alice M. Martin

 Fellow Lydia I. Pickup

 Fellow Rebecca H. Sparling

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dennis Mardon

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Donald P. Naismith School of Engineering and Mines




Achievement Joan Berkowitz Farkas Berkowitz & Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Cheryl Collarini Collarini Engineering, Inc.;Petro-Temps, Inc.;Anchor Engineering, Inc.

 Distinguished New Engineer Cherri Defigh-Price

 Distinguished New Engineer Julie Ellen Gessler

 Distinguished New Engineer F. Suzanne Jenniches Westinghouse Defense and Electronic Systems

 Distinguished New Engineer Susan K. Whatley

 Fellow Phyllis B. Berger Bronx Community College

 Fellow Constance J. Golden Ford Motor Company

 Fellow Shirley A. Holmgreen Boeing

 Fellow Bette Krenzer

 Fellow Loring Nicholson

 Fellow Ada I. Pressman Bechtel Corporation

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. Eldis Reed




Achievement Harriett Rigas Washington State University

 Distinguished New Engineer Anita Gale Rockwell International

 Distinguished New Engineer Rebecca Johnson Gale Bell Laboratories

 Distinguished New Engineer Judith Nitsch Allen and Demurjian

 Distinguished New Engineer Nancy Pettengill

 Distinguished New Engineer Denise Wolfs Exxon Company Baytown Refinery

 Fellow Eleanor A. Bast Sunbeam Corporation

 Fellow Consuelo M. Hauser Martin Marietta Corporation

 Fellow Helen M. Huckenpahler Community College of Denver, Red Rocks Campus

 Fellow Christine C. Konecny

 Fellow Mary V. Munger Pratt and Whitney

 Fellow Ivy M. Parker

 Fellow Mary G. Ross Lockheed Missiles and Space Company

 Fellow Beatrice M. Williams Lockheed

 Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Charles F. Sepsy Ohio State University




Achievement Thelma A. Estrin University of California at Los Angeles

 Distinguished New Engineer Peggy Evanich NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

 Distinguished New Engineer Kathleen F. Harer U.S. Department of Energy

 Distinguished New Engineer Haunani Kehuna Pennsylvania Power and Light

 Distinguished New Engineer Niva Oghigian Chicago Transit Authority Data Center

 Distinguished New Engineer Jan Warhmund Exxon Company Baton Rouge Refinery

 Fellow Isabelle F. French Bell Telephone Laboratories

 Fellow Lois Graham Illinois Institute of Technology

 Fellow J. Virginia Lincoln U.S. World Data Center for Solar-Terrestrial Physics (NOAA NGDC)

 Fellow Lottye E. Miner Miner and Miner Consulting Engineers

 Fellow Elaine R. Pitts Dalton/Pitts Associates

 Fellow Amy C. Spear MITRE Corporation

 Fellow Esther H. Williams Lockheed

 Fellow Betty J. Yost Delco Air



Achievement Carolyn Preece

 Distinguished New Engineer Daryl Ann Doane RCA Laboratories

 Distinguished New Engineer Mabel Esteves-Velasquez Hewlett Packard Company

 Distinguished New Engineer Patricia Galloway Neilsen-Wurster and Associates

 Fellow Aileen Cavanagh Boston University

 Fellow Betty P. Davey Colorado Department of Highways

 Fellow Elsie Eaves McGraw-Hill Company, Inc.

 Fellow Lt. Col. Arminta Harness Westinghouse Hanford Company

 Fellow Lillian Leenhouts Willis and Lillian Leenhouts, FAIA, Architects

 Fellow Naomi J. McAfee Westinghouse Electric Corp.

 Fellow Carolyn F. Phillips Shell Oil Company

 Fellow Elizabeth I. Plunkett The Boeing Company




Achievement Jessie Cambra Alameda County (CA) Road Department

Distinguished New Engineer Paula L. Loring Arthur D. Little

Distinguished New Engineer Karen Morrison NASA Johnson Space Center

Distinguished New Engineer Carol Schamp TRW Defense and Space Systems

Distinguished New Engineer Linda Velez-Rodriguez Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority



Achievement Giuliana Cavaglieri Tesoro Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Achievement Mildred Spiewak Dresselhaus Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Achievement Ada Pressman Bechtel Power Corporation



Achievement Sheila Widnall Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Alfred J. Gardner



Achievement Barbara Crawford Johnson Rockwell International Space Division

Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. John D. Parrish University of Illinois at Urbana



Achievement Irene Carswell Peden University of Washington



Achievement Nancy Fitzroy General Electric Research & Development Center



Achievement Alva Matthews Paul Weidlinger Consulting Engineer

Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Dr. Alfred C. Ingersoll University of California at Los Angeles



Achievement Irmgard Flugge-Lotz Stanford University



Achievement Alice Stoll Naval Air Development Center



Achievement Isabella Karle U.S . Naval Research Laboratory

Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Col. Clarence E. Davies United Engineering Center



Achievement Marguerite Rogers Naval Ordinance Test Station Weapons Systems Analysis Division



Achievement Dorothy Martin Simon Defense and Industrial Groups of AVCO Corporation



Achievement Martha Thomas Lighting Products Division of Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., a subsidiary of General Telephone & Electronics Corp.



Achievement Grace Murray Hopper UNIVAC Division, Sperry-Rand Corporation



Achievement Beatrice Hicks Newark Controls Co.



Achievement Laurence Delisle Pellier Burndy Corporation



Achievement Laurel van der Wal Space Technology Labs


1960 Achievement Esther Conwell General Telephone & Electronics Laboratories, Inc.

1959 Achievement Desiree le Beau Midwest Rubber Reclaiming Company

1958 Achievement Mabel Rockwell Westinghouse Electric Corp.

1957 Achievement Rebecca Sparling Convair, a Divisian of General Dynamics

1956 Achievement Elise Harmon Aerovox Corporation

1955 Achievement Margaret Hutchinson Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation

1954 Achievement Edith Clarke

1953 Achievement Elsie Gregory MacGill

1952 Achievement Maria Telkes Massachusetts Institute of Technology