Society of Women Engineers

Emerging Leaders Award - Recipients

Emerging Leaders Award - Recipients


Nikki Bishop
For self-possessed and fearless leadership resulting in substantial and long-lasting improvements, from the development of a library of software standards to devising innovative industrial automation solutions.

Erin M. Carroll
Intel Corporation
For demonstrating well-rounded leadership, from focusing her team to make digital and surveillance breakthroughs to energizing the technical women’s community locally and overseas, through her company and SWE.

Jill A. Entner
Torrance Refining Company, LLC, a subsidiary of PBF Energy Inc.
For embracing a varied career path by learning quickly; for identifying improvement opportunities that bring tangible results; and for leading organizational change and creating a long-term vision.

Kelly D. Hahn, Ph.D.
Sandia National Laboratories
For exemplary leadership, including collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of engineers and scientists; for developing innovative diagnostic capabilities; and for extracting critical new information.

Christine M. Predaina
Northrop Grumman Corporation
For exhibiting true leadership capabilities while developing the next generation of engineering trailblazers; and for advancing an innovative approach to systems engineering collaboration

Jennifer Reich
Honeywell Aerospace
For extensive contributions in aerodynamic analysis; for exemplary leadership; and for encouraging the next generation of women to excel in engineering.

Moushumi Shome
The Boeing Company
For engineering innovation and leadership, whether helping a team reach technical breakthroughs, mentoring a young woman, or contributing to her community in a multitude of ways.

Shannon Vittur
For advancing innovative engineering designs and product development, becoming a trusted technical expert; and for inspiring and encouraging young women to enter STEM careers.

Justyna Zander, Ph.D.
NVIDIA Corporation
For earning international recognition for breakthrough work in computer science and engineering; and for dedication to exploring the impact of computational technology advances on society.

Kira Zdunek
Caterpillar Inc.
For developing innovative solutions and process improvements across a variety of product lines, inspiring her teams to deliver key results; and for significant contributions to her community.


Janet Willett
John Deere
For outstanding design innovations and expertise in technical and project management, for inspirational leadership and collaborative problem-solving, and for continual efforts to mentor and encourage others.

Tracy Van Houten
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
For outstanding technical leadership and expertise; for the ability to manage large, multidisciplinary teams; and for tireless efforts mentoring today's and tomorrow's women engineers.

Rashi Tiwari, Ph.D.
The Dow Chemical Company
For expertise in materials science, with a strong focus on collaboration across disciplines and departments, leading to product innovation; and for dedication to training and developing talent.

Laura Schafer
Emerson Process Management
For far-reaching technical skills in the oil and gas industry, evidenced by patents, publications, and thought leadership; and for dedicated mentoring and the ability to inspire innovation in others.

Kelly Griswold Schable
The Boeing Company
For outstanding leadership; for technical and problem-solving skills that complement personal initiative and strategic vision; and for dedication to advancing and supporting women engineers.

Siobvan Nyikos
The Boeing Company
For consistently strong leadership and technical expertise, leading to multiple patents and a Boeing proprietary solution; and for commitment to continuing education, mentoring, and community involvement.

Jaime Gray Nelson
Booz Allen Hamilton
For energetic, engaging leadership; for a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving based on broad and deep technical expertise; and for efforts to mentor and develop others.

Christina Bishop Jackson, Ph.D.
For broad technical and managerial expertise, uncommon leadership ability, and drive to improve processes; and for efforts to mentor peers and encourage future engineers

Allison Goodman
Intel Corporation
For leadership and expertise in solid-state memory technology and software/hardware integration; for finding creative solutions to complex problems; and for mentoring and encouraging others.

Lindsay M. Forsyth
Chevron Corporation
For exemplary technical knowledge; for process innovation and international project management skills and strategic vision; and for a deep drive to develop, recognize, and mentor talent.


Lori A. Masso
Raytheon Company
For significant technical contributions to U.S. defense systems, for earning the respect of both public- and  private-sector leaders, and for mentoring women scientists and engineers. read more >

Jessica Snyder
The Dow Chemical Company
For disciplined and tenacious commitment to manufacturing and process improvement, for constructive and collaborative team leadership, and for key support of SWE initiatives. read more >

Shaila Murty
Intel Corporation
For pioneering complex, cutting-edge manufacturing automation and security solutions, and for team leadership that inspires trust, engagement, and a shared vision among diverse stakeholders. read more >

Katherine Medalle
Northrop Grumman Corporation
For leadership in several technical areas of the aerospace industry and for dedication to inclusion for women, minorities, and the disabled in STEM and the community. read more >

Irma Khan
Caterpillar Inc.
For exceptionally creative business leadership, strong technical knowledge, and the ability to bring diverse stakeholders and business units together, especially in launching new ventures. read more >

Kerrie L. Greenfelder, P.E.
Burns & McDonnell
For technical expertise in water/wastewater treatment, outstanding project management skills on the job and in the community, and a commitment to socially responsible engineering practices. read more >

Jocelyne Gray, P.E.
Mason County Public Utility District No. 1
For remarkable generosity and initiative in public, private, and professional life; for educating the public about water safety and quality; and for encouraging many future engineers. read more >

Noramay Cadena
The Boeing Company
For accomplishments in satellite integration driven by a desire to excel and the ability to leverage the talents of others, and for exceptional dedication to community service. read more >

Jennifer Braganza
Bank of America
For engineering talent paired with sound judgment and an instinct for leadership and mentorship, and for dedication to the retention and success of young leaders pursuing engineering careers. read more >

Sumita Basu, Ph.D.
Intel Corporation
For innovations in semiconductor manufacturing and a track record of balanced and respectful leadership that contribute to the success of all her professional and volunteer endeavors. read more >


Erika Williams
John Deere
read more >

Tara L. Rossman
Caterpillar Inc.
read more >

Jessica McElman
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
read more >

Laura M. Major
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc.
read more >

Zohra Hemani
Northrop Grumman Corporation
read more >

Dianna Genton
Huntington Ingalls Industries
read more >

Kristi Christensen
Deere & Company
read more >

Patricia Walker
Medtronic Inc.
read more >

Angela Ahmad
Exelon Corporation (BGE)
read more >

Jennifer A. Brooks
Caterpillar Inc.
read more >


Linh Dang
Lisa E. Depew
Sonja Domazet
Elizabeth Garypie
Jessica Gullbrand, Ph.D.
Ya Guo, Ph.D.
Diane C. LaFortune
Pushpa Manukonda
Susan Rea Peterson, Ph.D.
Danielle Simonelli, Ph.D.


Linda Freeman Romer
Harmony Myers
Reena Singhal Lee
Ellen Lee, Ph.D.
Laura Juette
Suzanne Jewett
Qiong Jackson, Ph.D.
Tameika Hollis
Kimberly Stauffer Harr
Elizabeth Green
Divya Gopalan
Lt. Cmdr. Susan Faulkner
Danielle Curcio
Regan Campbell, Ph.D.
Deborah Caine


Melissa Soley
Erica Messinger
Stephanie Shanley, P.E.
Januca Berry
Alyse Stofer
Jessica Rannow


Michele , Van Dyke-Lewis, Ph.D.
Jill Sciarappo
Anisha Ladha
Claire Jung, Ph.D.
Tamaira Ross
Karla Tankersley
Helen M. Phillips


Lt. Cmdr. Michelle Lee Nakamura
nuclear surface warfare officer, U.S. Navy

Peggy Panagopoulos Flaherty
regional sales manager for the Residential and Commercial Water Division, ITT Corporation

Julie Rolffs
environment, health and safety professional III, Caterpillar

Jennifer Bly, Ph.D
yield integration and process control systems group leader, Intel

Stefanie Chiras, Ph.D
technical expert in the development of silicon technology, memory subsystems and micro-processors, IBM

Amy Benecke McLaren, P.E.
chief design engineer, Peoria County Highway Department

Soh Khim Ong, Ph.D
associate professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore


Sandra K. Edmonds
(Quality) Senior Engineering and Manufacturing Department Manager, Intel Corporation

LCDR Camille Garrett Flaherty
(Systems Engineering) Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer, United States Navy

Amy Herbert
(Manufacturing and Construction) Project Engineering and Operations Management, Fluor Corporation

Jada A. Phillabaum
(Sales and Marketing) Marketing Recruitment and Development Supervisor, Caterpillar Inc.

Ramune Nagisetty
(Product Research, Design and Engineering) Director of Cross-Intel Strategic Technology Programs

Kimberly Smieja
(Safety, Health and Environment) Technical Safety and Health Lead for the Customer Fulfillment, Planning and Logistics Group (CPLG), Intel


Shannon K. Phillips
(Safety Health & Environment) Manager, Intel Products Vietnam Safety, Health & Environment, Intel Corp.

Cathy Krier
(Quality) Commerical Release Mgr, Corporate Quality Regulatory & Clincial, Medtronic, Inc.

Michelle Ivy
(Manufacturing) Etch Process Engineering Section Manager, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Lynda Grindstaff
(Sales & Marketing) Digital Office Platform Division Strategic Planner, Intel Corp.

Ellen Ferraro, Ph.D.
(Systems) Deputy Director, System Validation, Test and Analysis Directorate, Raytheon Co.

Susan Benysh, Ph.D.
(Product Research, Design and Engineering) Advisory Sofware Engineer, IBM Corp.


Karrie Trauth
(Product Research, Design, and Engineering) Technical Director, U.S. Coast Guard Fast Response Cutter Program, Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Ship Systems (NGSS)

Fernanda Philbrick
(Procurement & Logistics) Engineering Manager, Intel Corp.

Anne M. Kraft
(Safety, Health and Environment) Product Developer, Xcel Energy

Stacy Kalisz Johnson
(Sales & Marketing) Product Marketing Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Erika Edgerly
(Manufacturing) Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Intel Corp.

Siddika Demir
(Quality) Manager, Corporate Services Six Sigma, Bechtel Corp.


Holly Jean Teig
(Procurement/Logistics) Distribution Services Consultant, Caterpillar Inc

Tamara Lyn Pippert
(Sales and Marketing) Lead/Expert Marketing Product Manager, Agilent Technologie

Kelly Lynn Orr
(Manufacturing and Construction) Facility Manager, Greenville Engine Center/ Caterpillar Inc

Mindy Koch
(Safety Health and Environment) Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, New Mexico Site/Intel Corp

Rachel S. Hutter
(Quality) Director, Attractions Engineering Services and Quality Assurance/Walt Disney World Co

Jan Garrett-Hoffman, Ph.D.
(Product Research Design and Engineering) Technical Lead and Solutions Architect, IBM Corp

Semahat S. Demir, Ph.D
(Academia) Program Director, National Science Foundation