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STEM in Action Award

STEM in Action Award

title STEM in Action Award - SWENext award winners

The SWENext STEM in Action Award is for SWENexters who will be in the 9th to 11th grade during the 2020-2021 school year.

Applications Open: September 1st

Applications Close: September 30th @ 11:59PM CST

Winners will be announced in November.

What you have to do: Answer one essay question.

What you can win: Certificate, invitation to attend the SWENext STEMpowered Expo including the SWENext Awards Ceremony at the WE Local host city of their choice, invitation to attend WE Local Power Hour to have “Lunch with An Engineer” and pre-selected educational WE Local breakout sessions, SWE Swag and more! 

Eligibility Requirements/Description for Awards: FY21 SWENext Awards Packet

Training Packet: SWENext Training Packet

Application: Apply Here


Past Recipients

WE Local Buffalo

Alveena A., 6th Grade, New York

Caylee A., 6th Grade, New York

Clare C., 6th Grade, New York

Marie Raphaelle C., 6th Grade, New York

Kinsley M., 6th Grade, New York

Valerie Rose M., 7th Grade, New York

Sophie W., 7th Grade, New York

Alexandra A., 8th Grade, New York

Thea A., 8th Grade, New York

Emilie C., 8th Grade, New York

Shriya K., 8th Grade, Pennsylvania

Kaitlyn L., 8th Grade, New York

Annika S., 8th Grade, New York

Sanjana S., 10th Grade, New York

Shloaka D., 11th Grade, California

Aneeqa H., 11th Grade, New York

Abby K., 11th Grade, New York

Sarah M., 11th Grade, New York



WE Local Des Moines

Dahlia W., 8th Grade, Minnesota

Alexis D., 9th Grade, Iowa

Leslie K., 9th Grade, Iowa

Sirihassa N., 9th Grade, Illinois

World Changers, 10th Grade, Iowa

Lauren K., 11th Grade, New Jersey

Hanna M., 11th Grade, California



WE Local San Diego

Anvi B., 8th Grade, California

Vanesha H., 8th Grade, Washington

Michaela J., 8th Grade, Washington D.C.

Sheyla A., 9th Grade, California

Jillian F., 9th Grade, California

Audrey Z., 9th Grade, California

Madalyn N., 10th Grade, California

Kaavya R., 10th Grade, California

Emerson U., 10th Grade, California

Isabel V., 10th Grade, California

Michelle B., 11th Grade, Puerto Rico

Shane C., 11th Grade, California

Alayna N., 11th Grade, Illinois

Anika S., 11th Grade, California

Sara W., 11th Grade, California

Sianna X., 11th Grade, California

Elaina A., 12th Grade, Arizona

Anoushka G., 12th Grade, California

Emma M., 12th Grade, California

Amber S., 12th Grade, California

Anshi V., 12th Grade, California