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SWENext Adult Advocates

What is a SWE Adult Advocate?

A SWE adult advocate is an adult who engages with and empowers girls and young women to prepare for a career in engineering. As an adult advocate, you aid SWENexters as they develop their interest in STEM and engineering and support them throughout their educational development. You can support SWENexters by volunteering, mentoring, or leading outreach events in your community.  Please join our mailing list.

Ways to Advocate

Recruit Students to Join the SWENext Community

The SWENext program is a way for young girls to become a part of the SWE. Help build the SWENext Community by encouraging girls to become SWENexters, membership is free! Refer to the SWENext Resource page for downloadable resources to use at your events and recruit students to SWENext.

Connect with SWENext Clubs

SWENext Clubs are a way to connect with SWENexters in your area. Learn more about clubs here and see if there is a SWENext Club near you.

Encourage Students to Apply for Awards

As a youth advocate, you can encourage, support, or mentor SWENexters who are actively engaged in STEM by encouraging them to apply to various SWENext Awards. Click here to learn more.

Encourage Educators to Get Involved

SWE offers an exclusive reduced K-12 educator membershipTake advantage of it today.

Collaborate With Local SWE Sections

Expand your outreach efforts by collaborating with other SWE Sections for your next event! Find your local SWE Section here.  


Tools & Resources

Promote Your Outreach Events

If you organize SWENext or outreach events at your SWE Section, use the bi-monthly Promote Your Event Newsletter to promote your event to all SWENexters. Learn more here.

Use the Outreach Toolkit for Virtual & In-Person Events

The Outreach Toolkit offers a step-by-step process for planning your outreach events. Begin with the Event Planning Worksheet, which provides a step-by-step process for you and your team to follow for your Outreach Events.  Access the Outreach Toolkit here

You can also find a variety of SWENext resources to use at your events on the following page

Apply for Program Development Grants (PDG)

Micro-grants are available to support the strategic activities of SWE Organizations (Sections, MALs, Society Committees, or Affiliates). Refer to the PDG guidelines here

Learning & Development Opportunities
Report Your Outreach Data

Are you currently doing outreach? If so, complete the Outreach Metric Tool (OMT) to share your data, images, and stories so we SWE can share how members are helping to grow the SWE community.

What is the OMT? The Outreach Metric Tool (OMT) is a survey that reports STEM outreach events for K-12 students, or their adult advocates (parents/educators/scout leaders/etc.). The STEM events that should be logged in this report directly impact K-12 students, parents and educators to help them explore and understand engineering disciplines and careers.

How is the data used? The data you enter will be used internally by the Outreach Committee to set goals and make strategic decisions based on what is happening in the SWE Outreach Community. The data will also be used externally with sponsors to show the impact of the outreach that SWE members do. Many grants require the information we are collecting, and we need accurate information to share with them. For any questions on how to log your event into the OMT, please email us at

19-SWE-013 Outreach by the Numbers-Combined_08-07-19_V2

Click here to view our FY19 data by Section. If you have any questions, please view our FAQ or contact Markita Riley at

Assessment Made Easy ToolKit-Step-by-Step Survey Creation: Programs you run have a lasting impact on students. Our "Assessment Made Easy ToolKit" is a step-by-step approach to creating a post-event survey that you can give your participants (students, parents/educators, and volunteers).

FY15 – FY17 Outreach Infographic: Thank you for the outreach work you do! See how much impact SWE members have in our Outreach by the Numbers Infographic