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SWENext offers a variety of resources for students, educators, SWE members, and adult advocates. Included below are recruitment flyers, various outreach resources, books, and presentations for your use.

SWENext Resources

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Additional Resources

Everyone engages with learning in different ways. Below you will find links to reading materials and videos that will educate and inspire SWENexters. 


Check out our full list of Recommended STEM Reads on the All Together blog!

Crash Course: Engineering

Crash Course is an educational youtube channel that works in partnership with PBS Studios. This channel promotes the pursuit of learning by covering a wide variety of topics, but they have an excellent engineering video section that offers easily digestible and engaging content. View their entire video library on the Crash Course website.

STEM Pathways

Located on SWE’s website are our STEM Pathways courses. These courses provide an in depth view on different careers in the engineering field. Each course is interactive and includes links to various videos regarding each career path covered. Learn all about different engineering career fields on our STEM Pathways page.