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STEM Activities For Summer 2020


The school year is over, and the summer fun is just beginning! Here are some really cool STEM activities that you can try out at home with your family this summer!

Make Your Own Ice Cream!

All you need is:

  • Ziplock Baggies
  • Ice
  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • Optional flavors like vanilla, fruit, or cocoa powder
  • Your muscles... there will be a whole lot of shaking!

With your parent or guardian’s help, check out this tutorial. What flavors will you invent?


Design and Build a Fort!


These fort ideas take blanket forts to a whole new level! With your parent or guardian’s permission, gather materials from around the house to build your very own, unique fort!

Have a Mystery Engineering Bag Challenge with your Family!


Get your siblings, or whoever is on your Quaranteam to join you on some cool engineering games! You can have your parent or guardian help gather the materials needed. Some of the items might be around your house!

Your parent or guardian can help you create a bag full of tools that you and whoever you are playing against can use to build things like a catapult or a marble run.

With your parent or guardian’s help, check out this site for inspiration!

Build Your Own Circuit and Learn about How Electricity Works!

title STEM Activities -One of my favorite activities I got to do as a kid is the Science Fair. An experiment I really enjoyed was building my own circuit. I used:

  • A D battery – Some people use AA, too.
  • A lightbulb – A small LED lightbulb like the ones used on holiday lights will work well here
  • Copper Wires – If you don’t have copper wires, aluminum foil can work
  • Alligator clips – Bare aluminum paperclips can also be used
  • Electrodes – I used metal rods, but nails will also do the job
  • A beaker – You can use a glass mason jar or something similar

In my experiment, I tested different types of liquids like vinegar, orange juice, or milk to see if they could conduct electricity. You could try something similar, too!

With your parent or guardian’s help, you can design your own circuit! Here are a few different ideas!

Watch this video to learn more about electricity. Be sure to be safe when doing your experiment so you don’t get shocked!

Other Free Resources to Stay Sharp This Summer!

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy: watch episodes about STEM experiments and play STEM games.
  • PBS Kids: check out some cool educational games and activities.
  • NASA Kids’ Club: lots of games, missions, and learning activities.
  • Khan Academy: stay sharp with lots of school-related activities, lessons, and games.
  • Ask Dr. Universe: explore and learn about how everything works, find coloring pages, and more!
  • Hooda Math: lots of math and strategy games, video tutorials, and movies.
  • Tynker: free online coding classes and games.
  • Nova: learn about rockets, Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions, and much more!
  • STEMWorks: learn about cool jobs in STEM, genetics, wind energy, and try out some fun STEM activities!
  • learn to write a real app or game!
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