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Outreach Toolkit

Outreach Toolkit

The Outreach Toolkit offers a step-by-step process for you to refer to when planning your outreach event or program. Learn everything you need about the Toolkit below.

  • The Event Planning Worksheet  - provides a step-by-step process for you and your team to complete your Outreach Event. You can download the worksheet here.
  • Grant Funding 
  • Making the Most of Partnerships
    • Outreach leaders often face two challenges when it comes to partnerships:
      1. You are looking for partners to help you with networking, materials, cooperation or funding for your own outreach. When looking for local partners to help:
        • Register your program or section at
        • Use the advanced search feature in the directory to find the partner you are looking for.
      2. Others outside of SWE request SWE speakers, role models or mentors from you. When others are asking you for SWE members. Refer them to Fabfems is a database of women engineers and scientists from around the world interested in supporting  these opportunities.

Organizing an event requires Project Team members. Use the Roles and Responsibilities resource to help with facilitating area tasks.

If you are a naturally “task-oriented” person, there is always a temptation to “do it yourself.” However, pulling a team together to assist can make your event less stressful for you and more successful in the end. Seek out those that are not only willing to help with various tasks, but those that have a skill that you may lack yourself and are best suited for the specified tasks needed.

Consider the following when creating your team:

  • Availability
  • Willingness to assist
  • Special talents
  • Reliability/commitment
  • Ability to lead others

You can expand or reduce the size of the team where necessary and combine roles if you feel they may complement each other to work together.

When you invite someone to join your team, remember to:

  • Share the vision of what you hope to achieve for the event.
  • Share why you chose them for that particular role.
  • Share your expectations of them in that particular role.
  • Discuss an estimated time commitment.
  1. Below are links that will help you select Activities for your events.
    • Design Squad - includes activities, animations, video profiles, and episodes.
    • benefits from a prestigious and diverse array of national organizations dedicated to STEM.
    • Techbridge - there are a variety of resources and activities available for girls and volunteers.
    • SWE Engineering Activities – SWE provides instructional guides that explain how to take part in engineering activities.
    • Teach Engineering - is a collaborative project between faculty, students and teachers.
  2. Register Participants using Eventbrite.
    Refer to the Eventbrite Best Practices for a step-by-step process in addition to a copy of forms and waivers. If you are registering participants in different way, please use the printed forms.
  3. Create Volunteer Shifts Using Volunteerlocal.
    Refer to the Volunteerlocal Resource for additional information. Volunteer Match is another volunteer resource that also does a background check.
  4. The following Templates are available for your use.
  5. Below are a variety of resources to assist you with advising girls.

Refer to the Sample Panel Questions resource which includes two sets of panel questions based on two topics: Why Engineering? and Preparing for Engineering Success. Feel free to add, remove, and/or edit the questions to better align to your panelists personalities. It is recommended that you review the ‘chosen’ questions with your panelists in advance.

Follow the steps within the Outreach Toolkit to implement your Outreach Event. There are a variety of tools and resources to assist you to ensure your event is a success. Be sure to use the Event Planning Worksheet which provides a step-by-step process for you and your team to complete your Outreach Event.

Outreach Metric Tool-Report Your Outreach
The Outreach Metric Tool is a short survey to complete after your outreach events. These are events that focus on students ages 4-18 and/or their adult advocates such as parents, educators, and group leaders.

Assessment Made Easy ToolKit-Step-by-Step Survey Creation
Programs you run have a lasting impact on students. Our “Assessment Made Easy ToolKit” is a step-by-step approach to creating a post-event survey that you can give your participants (students, parents/educators and volunteers).

FY15 – FY17 Outreach Infographic
Thank you for the outreach work you do! See how much impact SWE members have in our Outreach by the Numbers Infographic

Are you planning to host an outreach program soon? Do you have photos from a previous outreach event that you want to share with SWE HQ? Use hashtag #SWEOutreach to tag your Outreach Event photos on social media. Don't forget to encourage your volunteers and attendees to post photos from the event.

Invite them to tag SWE on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, while using the hashtag #SWEOutreach for a chance to be featured on SWE HQ's social media pages.

Or, you can upload your Outreach Event photos via a file sharing system by Dropbox. Upload as many photos as you would like from your computer or mobile device and please remember to e-mail to ensure your photos are posted.

We are looking forward to seeing all the fun and excitement!

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