Global Programs

Global Programs

SWE is dedicated to supporting women engineers and technologists, no matter where they are in the world. There are many different opportunities for global members and partners to get involved and connect with their SWE network.

  • Global Affiliate Program: Local affiliates nurture a community of like-minded individuals who work to advance women in engineering in their area. Learn more.
  • Global Ambassador Program: Our leaders are the backbone of the Society. Ambassadors further SWE’s mission while sharpening their leadership skills. Learn more.
  • Events and Workshops: WE Local conferences are multi-day events that harness SWE’s annual conference energy on a smaller scale. Learn more about WE Local Europe and WE Local India. SWE also hosts small workshops throughout the year to deliver in-person professional development experiences around the world. Due to COVID-19, in-person workshops are on hold, but virtual opportunities will be announced as available.
  • Advanced Leadership Opportunities: SWE members ready to take their leadership to the next level should consider participating on a committee. The application to volunteer on a committee is open year-round, and there are various focus areas. Learn more.

Learn more about SWE’s global presence and diversity of activities around the world here.

To make SWE membership accessible and available at an equitable price point, SWE provides extensive discounts to individuals from a list of over 180 countries in regions where there is a significant economic variance from the United States where SWE is headquartered.

Sister Organizations

SWE recognizes the value of partnering with national and regional entities to deliver localized educational programs and services to women engineers in all parts of the world. SWE Sister Organizations share the Society’s mission and values and are dedicated to helping women achieve their full potential in their careers as engineers and leaders.

Benefits of SWE Sister Organizations

Members of SWE Sister Organizations are valued “Friends of SWE” and entitled to various SWE benefits, which may include access to online professional development training through SWE ADVANCE, opportunities to co-host and co-brand local events, special rates to attend SWE’s Annual Conference, and much more.

List of SWE Sister Organizations

SWE Sister Organizations include:

Thank you to SWE Global Champions

Global Champions advance SWE’s mission by committing to actively create, nurture and sustain organizational opportunities for women engineers and technologists across the globe.

Join the Global Champion community to pledge your support for all women in engineering. Learn more about partnership opportunities or contact SWE for details.

Global Programs