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Jude A. Garzolini

Jude A. Garzolini

title Jude A. Garzolini -As a Program Manager for Hewlett-Packard, Jude A. Garzolini is responsible for managing research and development, finance, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, and packaging for key media products in support of the LaserJet printing business. In this capacity, Garzolini leads cross-functional teams where she is responsible for delivering new products from concept through introduction into the market place. Garzolini applies her organizational development skills, and strategic planning while leading multidisciplinary teams in multiple geographic locations. Under her leadership, Garzolini has delivered over 15 new products into the market place resulting in increased profitability and improved customer satisfaction.

During her 19-year career with Hewlett-Packard, she has gained increasing level of responsibilities as she contributed in the area of product marketing, reliability engineering, program management and strategic planning. Garzolini has been granted 3 patents in the area of printing and media with 4 more pending.

Prior to Hewlett-Packard, Garzolini worked for Ford Motor Company and the AeroJet Strategic Propulsion Company. She was introduced to the field of engineering at Ford Motor Company which subsequently inspired her to obtain her degree in engineering. Her engineering career began with AeroJet Strategic Propulsion where she contributed technically as a rocket engine materials engineer and supported liquid rocket engines and solid rocket motors including the MX missile Program.

Garzolini received a B. S. in Textiles and Clothing, from Indiana State University, a B. S. in Chemical Engineering from Wayne State University and an MBA from University of California, Davis.

She is the 2007 SWE President. Garzolini has a long and dedicated SWE career which began at Wayne State University as a student section leader and 15 years of Society leadership experience culminating in her position as president.

Garzolini is the Campus Diversity Coordinator for Hewlett-Packard-Purdue Technical Recruiting team and serves on the SWE Purdue Industrial Advisory Board. She advocates professional development for Hewlett-Packard internal affinity groups by visiting various sites and speaking to groups of women engineers on career advancement and technical achievement opportunities. She also earned her CTM, CL, and ATM – bronze in Toastmasters where she serves as an officer and is a member of two clubs.

Garzolini was a member of an all-women construction team, which delivered a home for Habitat for Humanity. She has supported the HP International Women’s Challenge Bicycle Race by serving in various volunteer capacities.

Garzolini is married to Michael Rusnack. In 2005, she and her husband served as co-chairs of the Logistics committee for the inaugural Ride Idaho bicycle tour.

They live in Star, ID. Their focus for the last decade was to build a home with an Italian villa theme in the foothills of Idaho. They are enjoying their home and continue to focus their energy on projects which include themed gardens, berry patches, an orchard, and a small vineyard to complement the Italian theme.