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WE Annual Conference

SWE’s Annual Conference is the premier event for women in engineering and technology.  SWE’s conference includes a career fair, dynamic keynote speakers, numerous networking opportunities and 200+ workshops and presentations. The engaging and informative sessions are exceptional professional and personal development tools for both working engineers and engineering students. Moreover, SWE’s conference is dedicated to helping women engineering students’ transition into the corporate world by providing training, guidance and access to career opportunities both in academia and industry.

Past Conference Attendance:

  • Los Angeles, CA/Hybrid — WE23 – 21,683
  • Houston, TX/Hybrid — WE22 – 16,000+
  • Indianapolis, IN/Hybrid— WE21 – 16,609
  • Virtual— WE20 – 18,825
  • Anaheim, CA— WE19 – 16,627
  • Minneapolis, MN— WE18 – 14,100
  • Austin, TX— WE17 – 14,600
  • Philadelphia, PA— WE16 – 11,700
  • Nashville, TN— WE15 – 8,539

Future Locations:

  • Chicago, IL —  WE24 October 24-26, 2024
  • New Orleans, LA — WE25 October 23-25, 2025
  • Boston, MA — WE26 November 5-7, 2026
  • Denver, CO — WE27 November 4-6, 2027
  • Minneapolis, MN — WE28 October 26-28, 2028
  • Atlanta, GA — WE29 October 25-27, 2029
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SWE Online Career Center

SWE’s Career Center is a user-friendly online recruitment resource, offering the opportunity to post jobs and browse 14,000+ resumes in our exclusive database. Visit the Career Center here. Click on “Employers” and then the “Products” tab for pricing information. Please note that there are different tabs on the site for job postings and the resume database. 

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Virtual Career Fair for Professional Hires

Reach top professional talent in engineering and technology with the SWE Virtual Career Fair for Professionals. Job seekers represent a wide range of sectors and disciplines of engineering and technology and must be professionals with at least three (3) years of professional experience post-undergrad degree. Log on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 to connect with candidates and reach your recruiting goals. Learn more here and contact Marquita.Williams@swe.org with questions or for more information.

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WE Local Conferences

WE Local Conferences collaborate between SWE headquarters, members, and local organizations that champion women in STEM. Each year, the two-day event draws hundreds of women together to participate in the career fair, expand their network with like-minded individuals, and take advantage of relevant professional development opportunities.

WE Local conferences are ideal for engaging with local engineers and technologists in a personal and focused setting. Check out the WE Local website for more information.

2024 Locations:

  • WE Local Las Vegas| February 23-24
  • WE Local Baltimore| March 1-2
  • WE Local Wichita| March 15-16
  • WE Local Bengaluru| April 18-19
  • WE Local Munich| April 25-26

STEM Reentry Task Force

The Task Force’s mission is to increase the number of technical women in the STEM sector by providing support to women who are returning from a career break. The initiative is designed to produce structural change with “returnships” as a vehicle for reengaging women in STEM fields. The Task Force is composed of a cohort of organizations that share the process of developing and launching their own reentry initiatives through monthly calls, sharing of best practices, face-to-face meetings, and sourcing of candidates. Learn more about the Task Force and view an excerpt from our white paper “An Intervention Strategy to Re-engage Women Engineers in the Workforce” for more information.

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Please contact SWE’s Strategic Partnership Team to learn more about partnership opportunities.