2017 White Paper: An Intervention Strategy to Re-engage Women Engineers in the Workforce

Without intervention strategies, the current demand for technical talent combined with the projected increase in the need for engineers will result in a significant shortage of skilled labor throughout the United States engineering industry. Increasing the persistence of women in engineering at all stages of their careers is imperative to solving this talent shortage.

While more women are graduating with four-year degrees than men, they are underrepresented in the engineering industry – especially within positions at the senior and executive levels. Women are also more likely than men to leave the engineering profession.

In envisioning an intervention strategy to re-engage female engineers who have left the workforce, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and iRelaunch created the STEM Re-entry Task Force.

Through interviews with all active Founding Members of the Task Force, SWE prepared a white paper that positions the specific need for re-entry programs within the context of each company while demonstrating the unique advantages received through participation in the program. These interviews also highlight the value proposition of the Task Force, provide key indicators of organizational readiness in starting a re-entry program, and emphasize best practices and lessons learned. The conclusion provides specific recommendations to the engineering and technology sector.

Visit the SWE STEM Re-entry Task Force Website to read the 2017 White Paper.