SWE Gender Culture Study

Understanding why women are leaving the engineering profession will inform efforts to increase retention of early- and mid-career professionals, and Organizational culture is a root cause of engagement and attrition, as value gaps can lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace. In other words, what companies say they value is not in line with what engineers are experiencing in the workplace.

Given that female attrition is a top concern, SWE partnered with Beth Michaels, President of Primer Michaels and a leader in culture change, values alignment, and change leadership, to conduct a study to determine how male and female engineers believe that their personal values and desired company culture align with their current company culture. Over 3,200 engineers completed an online survey (49% female, 51% male) in 2015, providing insight into the experiences of both male and female engineers and their workplace cultures.

Findings from the study were released in February 2016. The results can be used to equip senior leaders to lead corporate culture development to engage and retain their best people.

Download highlights from the Society of Women Engineers’ National Gender Culture Study.

Find out more about the results of this study in the April 2016 All Together Blog.