COVID-19 Research

In the summer of 2020, SWE surveyed its members to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic was impacting their college and career plans. SWE’s research findings were some of the first publicly available that highlighted the unequal burden that women engineers faced compared to their male colleagues.

  • Download SWE’s COVID-19 survey report (U.S.-focused).
  • Read about the SWE COVID-19 research in India and download the report.

In 2021, SWE surveyed its membership once more to see how the pandemic’s impact had affected women engineers. Many places had begun increasing in-person activities, as schools and universities were preparing to open their doors for the fall semester. Employers were also making adjustments, with some modifying existing policies to accommodate a more hybrid workforce. To better understand the modifications that were planned, SWE also surveyed about 40 companies, sharing the findings with SWE’s Corporate Partnership Council to provide some insight into what peer organizations were intending to do to address the safety and wellbeing of their engineers and technologists.

  • Download SWE’s 2021 COVID-19 survey report (membership).
  • Download SWE’s 2021 COVID-19 survey report (CPC).

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