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STEM Professionals: Data from the second quarter of the 2021 National Jobs and Occupations Survey (ENOE) shows that among certain STEM fields, engineering employed the most workers (over 2.1 million). However, female representation was the lowest in engineering when compared to the other STEM fields. Specifically, women comprise less than 20% of employed professionals in engineering. On the contrary, women represent more than half of professionals in health sciences (63.1%) and biological sciences (52.8%).

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Still, Observatorio Laboral (labor observation) program shows that in 2021, female representation among employed professionals varies from less than 1% to almost 60% across computing and engineering fields. The lowest female representation in employed professionals were observed in automotive, marine and aeronautical engineering (0.9%), electricity and energy generation (7.3%), civil engineering and construction (8.8%), and electronics and automation (9.3%). Women are better represented among occupied professionals in the fields of chemical engineering (41.9%), environmental engineering and technology (43%), and food industry (59.9%).

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