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At SWE, we acknowledge and respect the value of a diverse community. We recognize that the scope of diversity includes race/ethnicity, religion, family status, age, physical abilities, sexual and affectional orientation, actual or perceived gender, gender identity and expression, socio-economic status, and occupational focus. Our society will maintain an environment that is supportive of these elements, and we will promote inclusion within our organization and the engineering community. As a result, SWE has created various resources to assist you in creating an inclusive environment.

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A4E: Advocates for Empowerment

Advocates for Empowerment (A4E) is a gender parity and equality corporate recognition and benchmarking program offered annually by the Society of Women Engineers. A4E seeks to identify and publicly recognize organizations that are great places to work for diverse women in engineering and technology, and encourage other organizations to adopt policies, practices, and a workplace culture that supports parity and equality.

SWE A4E uses rigorous methodology to analyze data from participating companies to identify the best employers and provide actionable information and insights to both companies and women in engineering and technology. Each company that participates will receive confidential findings reports and qualifying companies will be recognized for the year.

Please contact SWE’s Strategic Partnership Team to learn more about partnership opportunities.