Outreach Toolkit

The Outreach Toolkit offers a step-by-step process for you to refer to when planning your outreach events. Begin with the Event Planning Worksheet, which provides a step-by-step process for you and your team to follow for your Outreach Events.

1. Plan Funding and Partnerships for your Program


Grant funding opportunities include SWE Program Development Grants, the National Girls Collaborative Project, and STEMfinity’s List of STEM Grants.


Making the Most of Partnerships – Finding partners to help with networking, materials, cooperation, or funding. When looking for local partners to help, register for your event. When others outside SWE request SWE speakers, role models, or mentors, refer them to the Fabfem database.

2. Create Your Team

Organizing an event requires Project Team members. Use the Roles and Responsibilities resource to help with facilitating area tasks. Seek out those who are willing to help with various tasks, but those with a skill that you may lack yourself and are best suited for the specified tasks needed. Consider the following when creating your team:

  • Availability
  • Willingness to assist
  • Special talents
  • Reliability/commitment
  • Ability to lead others

Make sure your team completes the required and necessary training prior to your program. 

  1. Required Training: All SWE members and volunteers interacting with youth under age 18 at a SWE-sponsored event or activity must review and act in accordance with SWE’s Youth Protection Policy and complete the required training. Please visit swe.org/youth protection for more information.
  2. Elective Training:

3. Plan Your Program (Select Activity, Open Registration, Templates & Resources)

Register Participants using Eventbrite. Refer to the Eventbrite Best Practices for a step-by-step process, including required forms and waivers.

Create Volunteer Shifts Using Volunteerlocal. Refer to the Volunteerlocal Resource for additional information. Volunteer Match is a volunteer resource that does background checks.

4. Secure Your Speaker/Panel

Use the Sample Panel Questions resource that includes two-panel questions for two topics: Why Engineering? And Preparing for Engineering Success. Feel free to add, remove, and/or edit the questions to better align with your panelists’ personalities. It is recommended that you review the ‘chosen’ questions with your panelists in advance.

5. Implement Your Program

Follow the steps within this toolkit to implement your Outreach Event. Be sure to use the Event Planning Worksheet, which provides a step-by-step process for you and your team to complete your Outreach Event.

6. Assess Your Event & Share on Social Media

Are you planning to host an outreach program soon? Do you have photos from a previous outreach event that you want to share with SWE HQ? Use hashtag #SWEOutreach to tag your Outreach Event photos on social media. Don’t forget to encourage your volunteers and attendees to post photos from the event.

Invite them to tag SWE on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, while using the hashtag #SWEOutreach.

Additional Resources