Mentoring is one of the SWE core values. SWE members can take advantage of many mentoring opportunities at conferences and through various programs. Keep reading to find out how you can get involved!

Sign up for the SWE Mentor Network

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The SWE Mentor Network is a private network for only SWE members that helps facilitate mentoring relationships. SWE members at all levels are able to offer mentoring services, receive mentoring, or even act as both a mentor and mentee.

There’s a few different ways to sign up:

  • Log in to the SWE member portal, select ‘More’ from the top menu, and then click on ‘Mentor Sign-up’ or ‘Mentee Sign-up.’ If you are interested in both roles, please sign up as a mentor. You will be able to accept bookings from mentees, as well as schedule mentoring sessions with other mentors.
  • Keep an eye out for signup links in SWE’s weekly Monday newsletter.
  • Or reach out to so we can verify your SWE membership and send you an invite!

Check out the calendar for FY23 (7/1/22-6/30/23) 

Please note that these are suggested themes meant to encourage discussion around these topics, but you are not required to stick to the theme to participate.

  • July 25 – 31, 2022: Conversation Theme: SWE Member Networking & Mentoring
  • September 12 – 23, 2022: Conversation Theme: Exploring Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEI&B)
  • October 10 – 16, 2022: Conversation Theme: Get Ready for WE22
  • December 5 – 11, 2022: Conversation Theme: SWE Member Networking & Mentoring
  • January 23 – February 3, 2023: Conversation Theme: SWE Around the World
  • March 6 – 17, 2023: Conversation Theme: SWE Member Networking & Mentoring
  • April 17 – 28, 2023: Conversation Theme: Community College & Beyond
  • May 29 – June 9, 2023: Conversation Theme: SWE Member Networking & Mentoring

Why did you choose to become a mentor?

Join the Mentoring Facilitation Work Group (MFWG)

The Mentoring Facilitation Work Group (MFWG) is part of the Membership Engagement Committee. This group is open to all SWE members interested in mentoring resources. Our intent is to provide a platform for members to engage in supportive discussion, networking, promote SWE mentorship initiatives, events and content.

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