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The Society of Women Engineers strives to recognize the successes of SWENext students, SWENext Clubs and SWE Sections, MALs and Affiliates doing outreach in their local STEM community. We encourage everyone to participate that does exceptional work in developing a community of students and support students exploring engineering and other STEM fields.

The SWENext mission is to:

  • Empower females under the age of 18 to prepare for careers in engineering and technology.
  • Provide programming to help females under the age of 18 to develop leadership skills and self-confidence to succeed in a career in engineering and technology.
  • Expand the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life.
  • Demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion.
  • Provide programming to empower females under the age of 18 to become advocates for peers and younger girls.

Check out the SWENext awards and challenges available below!

Please find more information about the FY20  SWENext Annual Awardees on the Individual Awards page.

Annual Awards Season is now OPEN!

SWENext Annual Awards Submission Details

Applications Available: February 18 - June 14 11:59pm CT

Nominators will be contacted with results by: August 1

Awards Packet & Links to Apply: FY21 SWENext Annual Awards Packet


Additional Information: Tips on Applying for SWENext Awards

Please find more information about this year's SWENext WE Local Awardees on the WE Local Awards page.

The WE Local Awards Season is now CLOSED. 

SWENext WE Local Awards Submission Details

Applications Available: N/A

Nominators will be contacted with results by: N/A

Awards Packet & Links to Apply: N/A


Additional Information: Tips on Applying for SWENext Awards

title SWENext Awards -

We challenge you to recruit the most SWENexters before June 1, 2021! 

Sections/affiliates/MALs and SWENext Clubs are encouraged to “opt-in” to this challenge and recruit the most new SWENexters from all backgrounds! Recruitment efforts are encouraged to be focused on including all aspects of STEAM, recruiting younger students (middle school and starting high school), and recruiting students from all backgrounds. The top 3 winners for each tier will win a monetary prize to be used to fund future outreach events. The Challenge will run from January 1, 2021, through June 1, 2021. 


The Student Programs Committee runs the SWENext Program, which is a way for pre-college students to become a part of SWE. The committee provides relevant content and programming to encourage STEM identity and help students navigate the path to college. The cost to join SWENext is free! Learn more at

The student programs committee needs your help to reach our goal of increasing membership to 6250 SWENexters by the end of the fiscal year (we are currently at 4837 SWENexters). 

How You Can Help?

Participate in the FY21 SWENext Recruitment Challenge! You must opt-in to participate by registering your section/affiliate/MAL or SWENext Club at this link:

During registration, you will create a unique “Event Code”. This code will be the way we track which section/affiliate/MAL or SWENext club recruit which SWENexter. Whenever you sign a student up for SWENext have them use your unique “Event Code”. (See the attached FAQs for information on how to create a unique Event Code.) 


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Rules and Regulations. Still, have questions? Contact the Student Programs Committee at

title Welcome to the Wow! Innovation Challenge Page -
The FY21 WOW! Innovation Challenge has been extended to May 31, 2021! It  is open for submissions for all collegiate and professional SWE sections, MALs, and affiliates! Participate for a chance to win a Visa gift card for your section!

At a time when students may not be able to visit colleges or have in-person internships, there is a need for virtual ways for students to visualize new phases of their lives. Your SWE section can fill that need!

Check out the full challenge details below for additional information on prizes, submission deadlines, suggested video content, and video creation resources!

Application Opens: January 1, 2021

Application Closes: May 31, 2021

Winners will be announced in June.

What You Have To Do: Create and submit a video by March 30th, 2021 showcasing your SWE section and school or employers to help support students’ transitions to college and career.

As you compile content for your video, be aware of and follow all pandemic restrictions that are in place for your state, city, school, or worksite.

What You Will Win: The top-scoring sections will receive Visa gift cards to be used for SWE activities and the videos will be used on other SWE platforms.

Eligibility Requirements/Challenge Details:  WOW! Innovation Challenge Packet 

Application: Apply Here


Past Winners

Click here to learn more about our past winners.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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