Society of Women Engineers

Speaking with SWE

Speaker Proposal and Process

Are you interested in hosting or developing a professional development session with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE)? SWE Professional Programs offer learning opportunities across various modalities, within a variety of tracks - all which are available within the SWE Advance Learning Center.

To be considered for a professional or committee-run SWE speaking event, all speakers must complete a speaking proposal and work with SWE to provide high-quality content and learning experiences.

  • Click here to access the SWE Speaking Proposal for online content for the Advance Learning Center.
  • Click here to access the SWE Speaking Proposal for conference events.

All speakers are expected to:

  • Schedule the event at least 45 days prior to ensure adequate marketing time.
  • Use the SWE branded PPT provided by SWE and follow the SWE brand guidelines.
  • Write a blog and/or social media post to discuss the importance of the content.
  • If CEUs are provided for your event, you must work with SWE to ensure your content follows the systematic approach identified by the IACET learning standard.


SWE’s professional development is organized into five core tracks as described below.


This track addresses a variety of topics women in STEM face during their careers while working in a variety of industries. Examples include career planning, management, and advancement techniques (internships, resume and interview best practices, salary negotiations, understanding corporate culture, etc.).

  • Develop techniques to develop, manage and refine plans for various professional transitions across a variety of industries.
  • Identify best practices and tools to assist with career management and life transitions. 


This track is inspired by SWE's strategic goal of diversity and inclusion and addresses the challenges and opportunities that women in engineering face within the context of diversity, globalization, and culture. Examples of topics within this track include:

  • Identifying techniques and strategies to build and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion within your organization.
  • Research and hot topics concerning workplace diversity and globalization.

Developing skills to be a more inclusive leader and team member to work effectively with others from diverse backgrounds.


This track evaluates new technology trends in engineering, including disruptive technologies. Thought leaders from a variety of disciplines will discuss:

  • New business trends and hot topics in engineering technology.
  • Identifying techniques and best practices to assist with being more innovative and competitive.

Best practices for being an effective leader of innovative initiatives. 


This track addresses a variety of issues collegiates and professional women in STEM face personally. Themes within this track focus on:

  • Developing wellness strategies (personal care, work-life balance strategies, etc.)
  • The importance of lifelong learning strategies and development.
  • Self-reflection and assessment through recognizing strengths and weaknesses, seeks feedback from others, and learns from failure.


This track focuses on how decisions of leaders shape the performance and success of their organizations/sections. Participants will develop new skills and hone current ones that will ultimately prepare and equip them to be more effective leaders. Many of the sessions within this track are intended for mid-career professionals. Examples of themes within this track include:

  • Aspects of organizational behavior, market structure and forces, and organizational design.
  • Techniques to develop a greater capacity to grow as a professional by exploring the character and challenges successful women leaders within highly technical STEM fields.

Develop new skills and hone current skills that will make you a more effective leader to assist with meeting the myriad of opportunities, challenges, and demands of your profession.

Specialized Areas of Focus

The intent of the specialized areas of focus is to provide professional development for key areas of expertise. 


The sessions may touch on (but are not limited to) themes like business planning, raising venture capital, developing your elevator/sales pitch, new venture structures, new technology development, strategies for product marketing and licensing, creating your startup team, and researching resources available to startups.


This specialized content is used to identify techniques for organizational change.



The Outreach area of focus is for SWE's members and engineering outreach practitioners who currently deliver, or want to begin delivering, outreach programs that inspire and support girls to study and pursue careers in engineering. Best practices and hot topics in K-12 outreach.


This focus area identifies sessions that would be relevant to employees, managers, and owners of small businesses, as professional development and the path to success in smaller organizations may look very different than large corporations. These sessions are not exclusive to small businesses and may be relevant to a more general audience as well.


This specialized content is intended to provide valuable resources to any engineering professional who has taken a career break for two or more years and wants to re-join the STEM workforce. The sessions in this area of focus are for both the individual reentering the workforce and for organizations considering launching a reentry program.


These sessions are given by SWE's most experienced members, often, but not-exclusively, SWE Fellows, sharing the variety of their technical expertise including technical updates in cutting-edge technologies, reviews of diverse viewpoints, and examples of emerging techniques, engineering crossovers, discipline evolutions and emerging techniques in diverse engineering disciplines. The presentations are curated by SWE Fellows. 


This focuses on topics relating to SWE governance and volunteer leadership. Many of the presenters are active SWE volunteer leaders within their section and/or are members of SWE's leadership coaching committee (LCC).


This specialized area of focus examines various career paths and opportunities for women in academia. Administrators, faculty, and graduate students within the academic community will share insights, research, and experiences.


This area of focus examines various career paths and opportunities for women in government and the military.