Society of Women Engineers

Speaking with SWE

Speaker Proposal and Process

Are you interested in hosting or developing a professional development session with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE)? SWE offers learning opportunities across various modalities, within a variety of tracks - all of which are available within the SWE Advance Learning Center.

To be considered for a professional or committee-run SWE speaking event, all speakers must complete a speaking proposal and work with SWE to provide high-quality content and learning experiences.

Advance Learning Center New Content

  • Click here to access the SWE Professional Learning Proposal.
  • SWE Committee Members - click here to access the SWE Learning Proposal for committee-hosted online content (e.g. Awards Training).
    • SWE committee webinar attendance policy: To allow for the most efficient use of HQ staff and committee leader time, the live webinar may be canceled if it does not have 35 or more registrations two days prior to the live webinar date. If the live webinar is canceled, committee leaders have the option to record the webinar offline and release it as an on-demand webinar to be hosted in the Advance Learning Center.

Live Speaking Opportunities

  • Click here to access the SWE Speaking Proposal for WE Conference events.

Speaker Expectations

  • Webinars must be scheduled at least 45 days prior to ensure adequate marketing time. eLearning course timelines will be established once the proposal is received in order to appropriately determine the scope of work.
  • Use the SWE branded PPT provided by SWE and the SWE brand guidelines.
  • Write a blog and/or social media post to discuss the importance of the content.
  • If CEUs are provided for your event, you must work with SWE to ensure your content follows the systematic approach identified by the IACET learning standard.


Learn more about SWE tracks and learning methods here.