Society of Women Engineers

Section Start Up

Startup a Professional/Collegiate Section or Collegiate Affiliate

SWE welcomes new Professional Sections, Collegiate Sections and Affiliates (formerly called Collegiate Interest Group) and is very interested in helping each existing Sections and Affiliates remain an active, significant organization on campus and in your area. Professionals or Students interested in starting a Section or a Collegiate Affiliate should fill out this form and send to We will then provide you with the appropriate documentation and put you in touch with a Leadership Coach.

Starting a Collegiate Section

A group of college students at an eligible school that does not have a SWE Collegiate Section may initiate one by filling out the form above.


  • At least 10 collegiate members
  • At least 50% of the members are women majoring in engineering or engineering technology
  • At least 8 members expect to be eligible for membership for the fiscal year following granting of the charter
  • The Collegiate Section will operate under the guidance of a SWE Counselor

For assistance or if you are interested in starting a Collegiate Affiliate or a Collegiate Section please contact us at

Starting a Collegiate Affiliate

For those collegiate groups interested in becoming affiliated with SWE that cannot meet the requirements outlined for a collegiate section, a new option is available – Collegiate Affiliate. Although an Affiliate will not be entitled to the same benefits as a Collegiate Section, an Affiliate allows the collegiate members to utilize the name of the Society for group functions, without the need to fulfill all the requirements of a collegiate section (i.e., 10 paid members, annual financial reporting, etc.). (If you are an international member or are interested in starting an International Professional or University Affiliate, click here and locate the Affiliates tab to find more information on International Affiliates).


  • At least 1 collegiate member
  • Letter of support from Faculty Advisor
  • Letter of support from SWE Sponsor

If you are interested in starting a Collegiate Affiliate or a Collegiate Section please fill out this form and send to

Start a Professional Section

Professional Members looking to form a section within a particular geographic area should fill out the form above and submit to


  • 10 paid voting members (i.e., professional-level) & signatures
  • Five-Digit ZIP Code Detailing
  • Letter from Originating Group (President or Secretary releasing ZIP codes to the Proposed Section)
  • Letter of Support from Leadership Coach
  • Bylaws submitted & approved