Educator Membership

SWE is pleased to offer membership to full-time primary and secondary educators at a reduced rate of $20. Take advantage of it today!

Your membership at SWE sets you apart as an educator who creates a learning environment that is inclusive of diversity for the next generation of engineers and technologists. We hope you join our educator community and invite your colleagues to do the same (feel free to share our SWENextEd Membership Flyer with those you think are interested).

As an educator, SWE membership provides valuable tools and support, including:

  • Access to SWE outreach resources and activities locally, nationally, and globally
  • Award-winning SWE Magazine
  • Free online learning professional development
  • Reduced registration fees for SWE’s Annual Conference
  • Opportunity to connect with SWE’s outreach community
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities with SWE members: collegiate, professional and corporate members

Advocacy & Research

SWE advocates to federal lawmakers around the importance of adequate funding for STEM education:

SWE provides recent research on the importance of supporting girls in their pursuit of engineering and technology education:

Start a SWENext Club

SWENext Clubs are a way for students to connect with SWE members and other SWENexters in their area. SWENext Club can be any size with pre-college students. Learn more about starting a SWENext Club.

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Educator Resources

Educator Resources

Educator Resources

Educator Resources