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SWENext is a free program that allows students ages 5 through 18 to join the SWE engineering and technology community.

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The Society of Women Engineers SWENext program inspires creativity and curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and shows you how a career in STEM can become a reality. You’ll enjoy numerous opportunities throughout the year to learn, network, and connect with peers, role models, and industry professionals. Plus, this diverse, welcoming, pre-college STEM community provides a safe place where you can feel seen, heard, and validated.

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SWENext Clubs help connect and build local communities of all sizes for SWENexters, students, adult advocates, and SWE members.

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SWENexters who want to be leaders can get involved in the community, share their passion for STEM, and earn valuable hands-on leadership experience as SWENext influencers.

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SWE offers a number of global awards to recognize SWENexters who are making an impact in their local STEM community.

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This online library is designed to help SWENexters explore a variety of engineering disciplines and includes a digital workbook and engineering profiles for each career path.

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This engaging, virtual program builds self-confidence, and resilience among SWENexters interested in engineering and technology degrees. Applications open annually in July and close in August for this year-round program.

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Join Constance and Nano on their engineering adventures to see how fun solving problems with science, technology, engineering and math can be! These free, downloadable comics bring engineering concepts to life.

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Whether you’re a student, an adult advocate, or an educator, SWE provides newsletters and publications to help you on your journey.

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SWENext offers a variety of resources including guides and toolkits to help you level up in STEM, as well as outreach best practices and tools for educators and adult advocates.

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Adult advocates help engage and empower SWENexters and other students in developing their interest in STEM and supporting their educational development.

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Are You an Adult Interested in Getting Involved in SWENext?

Adults play an important part in the SWENext program! You can help engage and empower students in developing their interest in STEM and supporting their educational development. There are several ways you can volunteer and get involved today:

What’s more, SWE provides you with plenty of tools to help ensure your success, including an outreach toolkit, newsletters and publications, and SWENext resources.

All volunteers and staff interacting with youth, including SWE youth advocacy leadership, must complete the SWE Youth Protection training.


Email SWE at outreach@swe.org