Section Leadership

Section Leadership

SWE HQ records the section leadership positions listed below. Each has access to the leadership portal with full or limited access to pull section rosters, upload financial information or update leadership roster for the existing or upcoming year.

Items Required to be in Good Standing

Leadership Position Description Collegiate Professional Leadership Portal Access Level

-Represent the section and preside over meetings

-Appoint the committee chairs (with EC approval)

-Approve the appointment of all committee members

-Be an authorized signatory on all section accounts

-Review and year-end financial report

-Provide oversight and guidance to the committee chairs

-Perform other duties normally associated with the office of the president

x x Full**

-Responsible for the collection, distribution, and safekeeping of section funds

-Prepare, maintain, and report the financial position of the section in relation to the approved budget

-Submit a financial report to SWE HQ

-Submit tax documents to the IRS as required

-Provide oversight to committee chairs as assigned

x x Full**

-Liaison between collegiates and professionals

-Must Be current SWE professional member

x   Limited***
Faculty Advisor

-Liaison between the collegiate section and university

-Not required to Be a current SWE member

Data Officer

-Maintains section gmail account & email distribution list

-Sends meeting announcements to distribution list

-Sends a welcome greeting to new members


*Good standing: To be in good standing with SWE HQ, sections must submit the current leadership roster (required leaders listed above), all leaders must be paid and active for the current fiscal year they are holding their position and the previous years financial report must be submitted online.

**Full access: The leader can pull section rosters, upload financial reports, and update the leadership roster through the leadership portal.

***Limited access: The leader can pull section rosters, view financial reports, and view the leadership roster through the leadership portal. The leader cannot edit the financial report or leadership roster.

Why do I care if my section is in good standing?

Only sections in good standing are eligible to receive quarterly membership rebates and are eligible to apply for program development grants from SWE HQ.

Leadership Opportunities/How to get involved?

Not sure where to start? Use SWE’s Advance Learning Center to find the collegiate or professional section officer training, learn how to increase section awareness, create a fundraising goal and much more! 

Leadership Portal Training Video