SWE started growing its roots in Africa in 2007 when Eng. Vera Egwuatu attended the WE07 conference and was inspired to see opportunities to extend the organization to Africa. Progress began in 2008 when SWE embarked on globalizing its programs and services. Four countries – Germany, India, Japan, and Nigeria – were selected as the pilots. Eng. Vera, who was selected as the Team Lead for Nigeria, did workshops, outreach, and awareness campaigns for SWE. Though she encountered several challenges, she pushed on by speaking about SWE at several African conferences such as the INWES African Regional Workshop. 

Momentum began to build in 2015 as a SWE Global Ambassador emerged from Nigeria and then the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos, and River State Affiliates were established. SWE’s presence continued growing both in Nigeria and beyond its borders as additional affiliates were established in Liberia and DRC. This led to the creation of the SWE Africa Task Force to develop a strategy for the continent, which ultimately transformed into the SWE Africa Advisory Board.

Meet the SWE Africa Advisory Board

The SWE Africa Advisory Board is led by the following individuals: 

  • Vera Egwuatu, Chair
  • Enia Kakombu, Chair-Elect
  • Florence Ibrahim, Secretary
  • Umi Kerre, East Africa Region Advisor
  • Chipo Tambo, Central & South Africa Region Advisor
  • Stella Chukwu, West Africa Region Advisor
  • May Yasir, North Africa Region Advisor
  • Rose-Margaret Itua, Advisor
Contact the team at swe_africa@swe.org. 
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