Society of Women Engineers

Bylaws Committee

Bylaws Committee

The SWE Bylaws Committee is responsible for maintaining the society’s governing document. The committee also approves section bylaws updates for established and newly chartered sections and for MALs.

The committee was formed in the 1950's and currently has about one dozen members. It provides governance guidance to SWE Leadership including section officers and members.

What do we do?

  • Review section bylaws and provide consultation of bylaws for sections needing modified templates.
  • Assist with the interpretation of bylaws as needed.
  • Review proposed Society bylaws updates for senate approval.
  • Prepare standard templates for sections for Board of Directors' approval.


  • In this video, Maureen Masiulis, FY19 Bylaws Chair for the Society of Women Engineers, explains why SWE Sections must update their bylaws this summer.
  • Why do SWE Sections need to update their Bylaws?
    The SWE Bylaws Committee has developed new bylaws for both collegiate and professional sections. The bylaws committee assessed each of the sections existing bylaws and put all sections into two categories. To make things as easy as possible the bylaws committee came up with specific instructions for each of the two categories.

    Category 1: Sections that previously accepted one of those templates as is with no modifications (other than inserting the section number, name, and approval date) have what we refer to as the standard bylaws for professional or collegiate sections.

    Category 2: Sections that have previously modified society bylaws or sections that are in the process of modifying their bylaws have modifiable bylaws templates for professional and collegiate sections.

  • All current section bylaws can be found the the Resource Center via > about > Governance > Resources Center > Section Governance
  • FAQ

The Society bylaws have been updated to include the changes from the WE17 governance-related motions that went into effect on July 1, 2018. This update also includes approved changes described in Senate motion (S-1809) to the Collegiate Section Counselor requirements, expanding the pool of individuals that are eligible for this position. Feel free to contact The Society Secretary at with questions or comments.

Society Bylaws are located in the SWE Bylaws and Codes section of the About page.

Have questions? Or are you are a section ready to submit updated bylaws? Please email