Society of Women Engineers

Headquarters Staff

From membership to marketing to technical support, SWE HQ staff is what makes the Society tick.

Our dedicated team brings varying expertise to the table to ensure that SWE is providing the utmost value to women engineers across the globe.

Executive Director and CEO
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Director, Editorial and Publications
Director, Student Programs
Director, Conference and Event Services
Senior Manager, Administrative Services
Senior Manager, Research
Senior Manager,  Professional Programs
Senior Manager,  Engagement Services
Senior Manager, WE Local, Events and Marketing
Manager, Engagement Services

Juliet Crowell

Outreach Manager, Student Programs
Senior Editor, SWE Magazine
Business Development Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Project Manager, Administrative Services
Senior Coordinator, Engagement Services
Senior Specialist, Strategic Partnerships
Learning and Development Specialist, Professional Programs
Coordinator, Events
Coordinator, Engagement Services
Coordinator, Conference and Events
Coordinator, Administrative Services
Coordinator, Administrative Services
Coordinator, Global Programs and Executive Office

Sabrena Lopez

Coordinator, Student Programs
Chief Archivist