• January – Governance update webpage, governance.swe.org, was created with answers to frequently asked questions and videos from SWE leaders and members explaining the governance update process. An email address, governance@swe.org, was established so that members can ask questions or communicate directly.
  • February – BOD presented an “8,000-foot picture” of future governance at the Winter Senate meeting. Sub-groups discussed potential issues and how to ensure a successful roll-out. The webinar was recorded to share an overview with members, posted to goverance.swe.org.
  • June – Each of the FY16 sub-groups documented recommended steps to be taken in the short and long term: Bylaws, Committees, Nominating Committee, Regions, Sections, Senate. (Note there were no written recommendations from the Board of Directors sub-group looking.)
  • July – Governance Task Force formed representatives from each sub-group to finalize and communicate detailed plans to implement all changes.
  • August – Updated presentation, outlining the history and current status, was made available to Region Governors to share at leadership summits.
  • October – Integrated proposal socialized by Governance Task Force at WE16, including steps currently underway and details and timelines for those steps to be taken in FY17 and beyond.
  • December Webinar designed specifically for Chairs, Chairs-Elect, Region Leaders, Senators, and Section Presidents shared information presented to the Senate at WE16, including background and an overview of the current direction.