Inga Urbina

Inga Urbina, Senator

Inga studied Organización Empresarial (a hybrid technical degree between business administration and industrial engineering) at Universidad Simón Bolivar in Venezuela and European business administration with a major in Finance in European Business School (EBS) in London, with Semesters et EBS Oestrich-Winkel (Germany) and EBS Paris. After finishing her studies, Inga went back to Venezuela and joined, as Finance officer, an emerging political party at the time (called Primero Justicia), but politics in Venezuela is nothing she would recommend to anyone, so after managing a couple of import/ export startups, ended up going to Australia and later Sri Lanka to surf to think about the future.

In 2005, Inga finally moved to Spain to start from scratch, and in 2010 joined the European Sales Organization in the UK team of Agilent Technologies. A year later, she joined the Professional Service (PSA/EESOF) Team, where she worked with the Application Engineering Organization (AEO) doing Projects for Europe and the Eesof Team, taking care of France and DACH customers. In 2014 Agilent spun off its electronic measurement business to become Keysight Technologies. Since then, she has become increasingly specialized in the quote-to-cash Keysight Software world. She now deals almost exclusively with Software deals for Top European accounts for all product lines, including Keysight Labs NPI (TAP) projects. She is the SOX champion of her team. Inga has been leading research on enterprise Blockchain applications at Keysight under Keysight Labs and is currently working on a PoC.

She is currently serving as a SWE Senator for the period FY23-FY25 and previously served FY21 and FY22, filling in a departed Senator position. She has been part of the SWE Finance and Outreach Committees since 2020 and the FY21 SWE Youth Protection Policy task force. She has been a SWE Global Ambassador for Spain since 2018. Inga coordinated the launch of the launch of a SWE professional Affiliate in Spain with other SWE Corporate Partnership Council Companies and currenlty leads the Barcelona Affiliate. She is the Keysight Society of Women Engineers Enterprise Program (KSWEEP) Mentoring Lead, leading a program with US staffing to increase the pipeline of talented young women and keep them engaged until they start working at Keysight and is a local representative of Keysight’s Barcelona site Workers Council, specializing in Equality.