Swetha Vinjimoor

Vinjimoor Swetha Vinjimoor Swetha FY Senate

Swetha Vinjimoor is a R&D Program Manager at Abbott Laboratories who leads new product development programs that design solutions for aortic stenosis. She is responsible for development of Structural Heart products that are used in transc

atheter aortic valve implantation procedures. Prior to her current role, Swetha was a regional sales manager in the healthcare industry, where she provided effective engineering solutions for pharmaceutical and medical production lines at major healthcare leaders. Swetha has a Bachelors in Biological Engineering from Purdue University and is a Master of Business Administration candidate at the University of Minnesota.

Swetha currently serves as the FY23 Society Outreach Committee Chair, prior to which she led as the FY22 Outreach C

ommittee Chair-elect. She was also the LHC Liaison for the Des Moines Collegiate competition subcommittee in FY22. In parallel,

her involvement at the Section level began in FY20 during which she served as Secretary of SWE-Minnesota for both FY20 and FY21. She continued her participation in SWE-Minnesota as the Membership Committee Co-chair in FY22. Further, at University of Minnesota’s Carlson Women’s Network, she served as the FY22 Vice President of Finance and is currently the FY23 Vice President of DEI Strategy.

Swetha’s vision as Senator would be to inspire more young women to pursue STEM through the creation of strong adult advocates who can support and motivate the next generation. Her role as Society Outreach Committee chair has shown her that growth in STEM ultimately starts with the youth and that relatable role models of diverse cultures, geographies, sexual orientation, and economic backgrounds can have an immense impact on inspiring the careers of young children. Therefore, we need powerful adult advocates and SWE members as partners in this pursuit. She wants to be a Senator who strategically ensures accessibility to all resources that the youth and fellow adult advocates of our generation need to be successful.

If given the opportunity to be on the Senate, she aspires to be an effective and inclusive leader that strategically places SWE to develop strong adult advocates, relatable role models, and in turn, inspire youth to pursue STEM.