Taylor Daniels

Daniels Taylor

Taylor Daniels is a process engineer with ExxonMobil at their Beaumont, Texas refinery. In this role, she is responsible for day-to-day process support, unit monitoring and optimization, and troubleshooting efforts of a refinery processing unit. Prior to working in the petrochemical industry, she obtained her B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in December 2020.

Daniels is a SWE Life Member, having joined during her freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh. She has served as Treasurer for three sections: Spindletop, Northeastern Ohio, and the University of Pittsburgh, in FY23, FY22, and FY20, respectively.

At the Society level, Daniels served as a collegiate-focused leadership coach with the Leadership Coaching C

ommittee (LCC) in FY21. In FY22 and 23, she completed a two-year term as coordinator for the Leadership Development Program, working with 50 collegiate members to develop their leadership abilities and SWE knowledge. She has also served as an award coordinator on the Awards & Recognition Committee and as a member of the Bylaws Committee during FY22 and FY23.

Daniels has been recognized as the FY21 LCC New Collegiate Coach of the Year, and with a 2021 WE Local Guiding Star Award and 2021 SWE Outstanding Collegiate Member Award.