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Global Affiliate Program

A SWE Global Affiliate is a community of women engineers outside of the United States who wish to expand SWE's mission. Global Affiliates are local networks that aim to meet the needs of women engineers in their community to help their advancement – whether through organizing professional development events, hosting outreach activities, connecting women with career opportunities or other unique needs in their area.

SWE Global Affiliates may be formed by university students on their campus or by professionals within a geographic area (city, region, or province). Global Affiliates may be made up of SWE members and non-members, and their status as an affiliate allows the group to use the name of the Society for group functions.

Once formed, Global Affiliates renew their status and report new leaders annually.

What does a SWE Global Affiliate offer?

  • A network of women in similar industries to share insights and experiences, provide support for one another and collaborate on activities
  • Opportunity to organize a group that can articulate and advocate for the specific needs and concerns of women engineers
  • Access to resources to conduct outreach activities and encourage young girls to explore STEM
  • Personalized logos and marketing materials, SWE brand guidelines and access to a free website-building service to bring professionalism to their activities
  • Recognition of achievements through SWE awards programs
  • Opportunity to develop skills, such as public speaking, event planning, team management, etc., through affiliate leadership roles
  • Scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science
  • Reimbursement for eligible activities such as events and marketing

Questions about the program? Email us at

Interested in starting a Global Affiliate? First, check to see if one already exists on your campus or in your city. If no affiliate exists in your area, review the New Global Affiliate Application Checklist to be sure you have all of the required information. Once you are ready, start the online application for either a professional or university affiliate. You will be able to create an account to save your progress and come back to the application until you are ready to submit.

Global Professional Affiliate Application 

Global University Affiliate Application 

Questions about the application? Email us at





Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Costa Rica

Czech Republic








Papua New Guinea

  • Papua New Guinea University of Technology - Contact Us


  • Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) - Contact Us


Republic of Korea


United Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Visit the Global Programs page on the SWE website and expand the section titled “Find a Global Affiliate Near You”. You can also search the Section and Affiliate map. Most affiliates will have an email address and/or a website where you can learn more about the affiliate. If no contact information is listed, contact SWE at and staff will help make an introduction.

If there is no global affiliate in your city or university, please complete an online application. You can access the University or Professional Global Affiliate application, depending upon your affiliate’s designation.

Review the affiliate application checklist to ensure you have all of the information and documentation needed to complete the application. The checklist includes links to template letters required on the application, which can be handy when preparing your materials.

Though we encourage it, all affiliate members do not need to be paid SWE members. Professional affiliates must have at least one paid SWE member before submitting their application. University affiliates should have one paid SWE member of Friend of SWE before submitting their application.

Friend of SWE is a designation offered to non-SWE members that aim to introduce them to the Society. Friends of SWE receive access to the following:

  • SWE Digital Publications – All Together eNewsletter and SWE Magazine
  • SWE Learning Tools – One complimentary professional development webinar, online career center, K-12 outreach training material, and SWE Archives. SWE member pricing for WE Annual Conference, workshops, eBooks, and online courses.
  • SWE Networking – Inclusion in SWE’s global online community

We highly recommend that professionals become paid SWE members, rather than a Friend of SWE, to access the full range of SWE member benefits. However, if you are starting a Global Affiliate any individual on your application that is not already a paid SWE member will be added as a Friend of SWE so they receive SWE communications. Learn more about Friends of SWE.

Do you ever see posters or receive emails advertising other student clubs or chapters? You can contact that club and find out how they got permission to start on your campus. You might also ask your favorite professor as they can usually help point you in the right direction.

Most universities have a policy or group that governs social/technical clubs or campus chapters. It is important to learn the rules around establishing a new group and follow them, in addition to the SWE criteria. The governing body (Student Union, etc) will need to submit a letter with the application as the Global Affiliate’s “advocate/sponsor”. The letter should state that the university is in support of the group and they are allowed to operate on campus.

If there is no governing body of clubs or chapters on the university campus, we suggest you reach out to the dean or head of the engineering department to learn more about forming a group on campus. This individual can also act as the advocate/sponsor of the affiliate if no governing body of clubs exists.

No. If there is an existing affiliate in your area, we recommend that you connect and join with them.

Once approved, the new Affiliate will receive a digital certificate. Affiliates can also apply to be recognized through SWE’s many awards.


Your affiliate must submit an annual report by 30 June to summarize your activities over the past year and provide the primary point of contact for the upcoming year. This annual report will be sent via email in April/May by SWE Headquarters and is typically sent in the survey form. If an affiliate fails to submit a report for three consecutive years, it will be made inactive.

SWE does not require that affiliates adopt specific, formal leadership roles, however, we encourage affiliates to put leadership, communication, or organizational structure in place to ensure members are connected and aware of affiliate activities. A leadership structure is beneficial in organizing tasks, distributing workload, and giving opportunities for your members to serve in a leadership position. Find a process or model that works for your needs and takes your country’s volunteer culture into consideration.

After your affiliate has been established, you should consider what leadership gaps exist and design roles to fill those gaps. An affiliate board may include positions such as:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Membership Director
  • Outreach Director
  • Programs Director
  • Administrative Officer

Your affiliate may create additional roles responsible for networking, social media, communications, career development, and more.

Contact SWE at to request any changes to the website.

Using the Weebly platform, affiliates can easily create a SWE-branded website for free. Complete the form to sign up for a website and then you can edit and add content relevant to your affiliate.

We encourage affiliates to use an email address with the SWE alias for a more professional public image that is not linked to any one individual from year to year. There is a request form on the affiliate Teamwork page that should be completed and submitted to

The fiscal year runs from 1 July through 30 June. For example, FY21 runs from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.


Generally speaking, global affiliates cannot open bank accounts. As affiliates are subsidiaries of SWE, they are not authorized to open or maintain accounts. If your affiliate needs to handle funds to support affiliate activities or events, consider asking your sponsor to manage the money on your behalf. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

Affiliates should not register as an independent entity in their country. Affiliates are a part of SWE and covered under SWE’s incorporation.

SWE offers affiliates reimbursable funding for certain, pre-approved expenses. Affiliates can receive up to $250 USD for travel and $500 for operations or events. Prior to incurring expenses, the affiliate should complete a pre-approval form to ensure the expenses will be eligible for reimbursement. Review the reimbursement program overview on Teamwork to learn more, or contact SWE if you have questions.

Affiliates may also apply for Program Development Grants (PDGs). PDGs are micro-grants designed to support the strategic initiatives of affiliates. Most PDGs are allocated to support advocacy and professional development events. Review the PDG frequently asked questions for more details and see upcoming deadlines on the PDG webpage.

You may need to think creatively. Many affiliates ask local businesses to donate their office space to host affiliate meetings or events. If you’re a university affiliate, ask your institution if they have funds set aside to support your activities. Additionally, you may choose to charge a small fee for events to off-set the costs of hosting them.

You can also check out the Advance Learning Center course, Fund Development and Your SWE Section. Though there is some information specific to sections in the United States, not global affiliates, the course provides a great introduction to the fund development cycle and best practices for maintaining strong partner relationships.

Activities and Partners

SWE has partnerships and relationships with several multinational companies. Though we cannot share our partners’ contact information, we can try to facilitate an introduction. Review the list of current companies on SWE’s Corporate Partnership Council and identify those that have offices or employees in your area. Contact SWE at with the specific companies in your area and your interest in connecting with them.

Yes. Students pursuing studies at institutions outside of the United States may apply for SWE scholarships. Scholarships can only be awarded to students attending programs that are ABET accredited, which may limit availability in certain countries so we recommend reviewing ABET’s website for more information.

SWE has a number of resources to help you plan an outreach event or program. Review the outreach toolkit for tips on everything from building your team to a post-event assessment.

The Global Affiliate Program offers a model and support system to launch and build a SWE community in cities and universities around the world. The Global Ambassador Program is a 1-year leadership role for SWE members outside of the United States in which ambassadors promote the SWE brand in their region and provide their diverse perspectives to SWE’s strategic growth.


No, professionals cannot join a university affiliate. University affiliates are for current students only, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Professionals may be invited to participate in a specific activity such as mentoring or speaking at an event that the university hosts.

Affiliates are not allowed to collect membership fees, but they can solicit fees for their activities or events. For example, if you’re hosting a professional development workshop, you might charge a nominal fee to support the cost of a speaker or refreshments served during the program. We encourage affiliates to keep their event costs reasonable in an effort to be accessible to more women in their community.

Men are welcome to join SWE as members and participate in affiliate activities. In many cultures, men traditionally hold a great deal of power and it is therefore essential that they be included as advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Global Ambassador Program

Young engineering studentThe Global Ambassador Program is an opportunity for SWE members outside of the USA to serve in leadership positions to advance SWE's mission. Global Ambassadors promote the SWE brand, grow the SWE community in their region and contribute their diverse global perspectives to SWE's global strategy.

"My role as a Global Ambassador has helped me phenomenally, not just as an aid for self-discovery and development, but has ingrained the social sense of collectivity. It has connected me with the brightest, kindest and nicest of women from across the globe who have taken their time out to help me grow so much."

- Preethi, FY20 Global Ambassador

SWE Global Ambassadors serve for one year from 1 July to 30 June. They are provided training and tools to prepare them for success in this volunteer leadership role. Global Ambassadors must reapply each year to ensure they remain up-to-date on SWE activities and pledge their continued commitment. 

The application period for FY21 ambassadors has closed and selected ambassadors will be announced in late July. 

The Global Ambassador Program seeks individuals from diverse backgrounds that would like to serve in a leadership position representing their city, country, region and the Society.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Paid SWE member
  • Reside outside of the United States
  • Commit to the ambassador responsibilities for the full year from 1 July to 30 June
  • Commit to being actively involved in campus and/or community activities

This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. However, ambassadors are eligible for authorized reimbursement funding.

If you are not ready to commit an entire year to serve as a Global Ambassador, but you still want to get involved, email to learn about other opportunities.

The Global Ambassador role focuses on representing and promoting SWE, while also growing your personal leadership abilities.

SWE Representative:

  • Actively promote the SWE brand through various communication tools, i.e., personal social media, current employer forums, speaking at events, authoring a published article, etc.
  • Actively recruit and serve as a resource for engineers in your area interested in joining SWE or participating in a SWE activity.
  • Stay up-to-date with current membership and SWE network statistics; be knowledgeable about SWE activities in your city and country.
  • Be familiar with activities outside your region in order to provide a general overview of global activities to potential members and partners.
  • Promote SWE's annual conference and, when applicable, regional/local SWE conferences and workshops.
  • Assist SWE with the localization of products and services for your region. This could include editing resources and toolkits to reflect the norms in your country, serving as a speaker for a webinar or podcast, or identifying local partnerships that could be mutually beneficial.
  • Serve as a resource for Collegiate or Professional Affiliate(s) your area.
  • Serve as a resource for teachers and administrators in your area interested in SWE Outreach activities.
  • Maintain a record of your activities a as SWE Global Ambassador and submit regular reports.

Personal Leadership Development:

  • Complete one of the five SWE Leadership Competency eLearning Modules – Communication, Business Knowledge and Management, Self-Management, Leadership Abilities, or Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship – based on interest.
  • Create a personal Leadership Development Plan (template provided by SWE) in order to set measurable, time sensitive and realistic goals to support your role as a SWE Global Ambassador. The plan will include:
    • Leadership Vision with examples of role models or mentors
    • Blind Spots & Learning Agenda
    • Personal Mission Statement
    • Realignments and coalitions
  • Regularly participate in SWE Global Ambassador conference calls, training webinars and in-person meetings, when applicable.

Get to know the FY21 Global Ambassadors who span 20 countries and bring a rich diversity of cultures and experiences to SWE.

Sanjneet Joshi - Email Brussels Belgium Procter and Gamble
Adriele Rocha - Email Catalão Brazil John Deere
Fabiane Conrad - Email Horizontina Brazil John Deere
Cecilia Breda - Email Indaiatuba Brazil John Deere
Carla Ribeiro - Email São Paulo Brazil Cummins
Karen Chan - Email Oshawa Canada TD Bank Group
Olivia Gillis - Email Toronto Canada AGI Improtech
Farokh Iaqa Kakar - Email Toronto Canada Ryerson University
Elaine Samuel - Email Toronto Canada GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd.
Akhila Srinivasan - Email Toronto Canada CIMA+
Tugce Tuysuz - Email Vancouver Canada Permascand AB
Kathryn Doe - Email Windsor Canada Jabil Healthcare
Wei Dongjie - Email Beijing China Cummins
Cynthia Li - Email Beijing China Cummins
Evy Pinero - Email Beijing China Tsinghua University
Mingjie Luo - Email Chongqing China Cummins
Xiang Xiaoye - Email HeFei China Cummins
Fiona Han - Email Wuhan China Cummins
Fengqin Liu - Email Wuhan China Cummins
Qianyun Chen - Email Xi'an China XCEC
Wei Zhu - Email Wuxi China Cummins
Dan Jiang - Email Wuxi China Caterpillar
Blanca Navarro - Email Heredia Costa Rica DXC
Jarmila Novakova - Email Brno Czech Republic Honeywell
Amira Nasrallah - Email Cairo Egypt SOPHOS
Katrina Simpson - Email Aachen Germany INNIO Jenbacher GmbH
Maheera Abdul Ghani - Email Darmstadt Germany TU Darmstadt
Anca Eisele - Email Mannheim Germany John Deere
Marwa El Hefnawy - Email Munich Germany Apple
Lisa Rimpf - Email Stuttgart Germany Dürr
Paris Amy - Email Würzburg Germany Cummins
Jisha Bhattacharjee - Email Bengaluru India ExxonMobil
Ranul Jain - Email Bengaluru India ExxonMobil
Preethi R Karpoor - Email Bengaluru India CMR Institute of Technology
Shanu Khandelwal - Email Bengaluru India Boeing
Prarthana M J - Email Bengaluru India IBM
Prakruthi Manjunath - Email Bengaluru India Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology
Swathi Pennapareddy - Email Bengaluru India Boeing
Divyashree Rajendra - Email Bengaluru India Caterpillar
Sayantika Saha - Email Bengaluru India Tata Consultancy Services
Anshuma Singh - Email Bengaluru India Applied Materials
Geetika Tripathi - Email Bengaluru India SAP
Bhavna Yadav - Email Bengaluru India Synopsys
Patricia Yesudas - Email Bengaluru India Tata Consultancy Services
Lakshita Jain - Email Bhilai India MIT World Peace University
Mandeep Gill - Email Chandigarh India BD
Neha Pal - Email Chandigarh India Purdue University
Vandana Pandey - Email Chennai India IBM
Santhi Ravi - Email Chennai India Dow Chemical Company
Archana Venkataramanan - Email Chennai India Dow Chemical Company
Suchita Kapoor - Email Delhi India Keysight Technologies
Pearl Ray - Email Gujarat India Reliance Industries Limited
Simmi Nagpal - Email Gurgaon India Self-Employed
Rajwant Kaur - Email Patiala India John Deere
Shweta Patil - Email Pimpri Chinchwad India SPPU
Supriya Bhasme - Email Pune India John Deere
Ashwini Darekar - Email Pune India John Deere
Aishwarya Dubey - Email Pune India Emerson
Geetu Garg - Email Pune India IBM
Sayali Igave - Email Pune India John Deere
Shubhada P Kaulgud - Email Pune India Cummins
Guari Kulkarni - Email Pune India John Deere
Ritvi Mishra - Email Pune India MKSSSs Cummins college of Engineering for Women
Neelam Patwardhan - Email Pune India John Deere
Sameera Shaikh - Email Pune India John Deere
Gitanjali Shinde - Email Pune India John Deere
Kanika Singh - Email Pune India John Deere
Priyanka Tharayil - Email Pune India John Deere
Renuka Thota - Email Pune India Cummins
Neha Verma - Email Pune India Cummins
Garima Yadav - Email Pune India John Deere
Davida Gondohusodo - Email Jakarta Indonesia PT. Andala Auto Global
Umi Kerre - Email Nairobi Kenya Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
Ruth Coker Collins - Email Monrovia Liberia Tabitha Renaissance Engineering and Design Inc
Karina Puebla - Email Juarez Mexico Cummins
Yesica Maria Martinez Monreal - Email San Luis Potosi Mexico Cummins
Stella Chukwu - Email Abuja Nigeria Nigerian Airspace Management Agency
Vera Egwuatu - Email Abuja Nigeria Federal Capital Development Authority
Chinyere Igwegbe - Email Abuja Nigeria Krumberg Engineering Limited
Ogochukwu Okeke - Email Abuja Nigeria Conversation for Change (C4C)
Itohan Otoijamun - Email Abuja Nigeria African University of Science and Technology
Stella Uzochukwu-Denis - Email Abuja Nigeria Odyssey Educational Foundation
Jessica Yakwo - Email Abuja Nigeria National Assembly
Anthea Elameyi Udo - Email Federal Capital Territory Nigeria FMWR/Transforming Irrigation Management Project
Adepero Jennifer Abraham - Email Lagos Nigeria Bridgeways Group
Catherine Ameh - Email Lagos Nigeria Unified Payments Nigeria
Oyenmwen Idon - Email Lagos Nigeria Department of Petroleum Resources
Mulikat Abubakar Lanre - Email Lagos Nigeria SCC Nigeria Limited
Ugomma Ogu - Email Lagos Nigeria Stematic Learning Solutions
Peace Ikpotokin - Email Rivers Nigeria Bridgeways Global Projects
Judith Kalu-Nchege - Email Uyo Nigeria  
Mirzi Betasolo - Email Lae Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea University of Technology
Priyanka Deva - Email Singapore Singapore IBM
Inga Urbina - Email Barcelona Spain Keysight Technologies
Hamideh Ahmadloo - Email Zurich Switzerland Dow Chemical Company
Gözde Kahraman- Email Istanbul Turkey Koç University
Tutku Kiliçaslan - Email Istanbul Turkey Koç University
Zeynep Deniz Lal - Email Istanbul Turkey Koç University
Ozge Senan - Email Izmir Turkey Cummins
Dr. Benay Uzer - Email Kayseri Turkey Abdullah Gül University
Alexandra Topliffe - Email Darlington United Kingdom Cummins
Rija Ejaz - Email Daventry United Kingdom Cummins
Amrapali Amrapali - Email Hounslow United Kingdom L3Harris
Jacqueline Torley - Email Huddersfield United Kingdom Cummins
Kayleigh McGrail - Email London United Kingdom BD
Shweta Patel - Email Milton Keynes United Kingdom Cummins
Chidiebere Onyenanu - Email Peterborough United Kingdom Cummins

Sister Organizations

In an effort to deliver localized educational programs and services to women engineers in all parts of the world, SWE recognizes the value of partnering with national and regional entities in various countries. SWE Sister Organizations share in the mission and values of SWE and are dedicated to helping women achieve their full potential in their careers as engineers and leaders.

Members of SWE Sister Organizations are valued “Friends of SWE” and entitled to various SWE benefits, which may include access to online professional development training through SWE ADVANCE, opportunities to co-host and co-brand local events, special rates to attend SWE's Annual Conference and much more.

If you are a member of a SWE Sister Organization, please contact your organization to learn more about your SWE benefits. If you would like to learn how your organization can participate in the SWE Sister Organization Program, please contact us at

Thank You to SWE Global Champions

Global Champions advance SWE’s mission by committing to actively create, nurture and sustain organizational opportunities for women engineers and technologists across the globe.

Join the Global Champion community to pledge your support for all women in engineering. Learn more about Global Champions or contact SWE for details.