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Life Membership

Life membership is available with a donation of $2,000 towards the Life Membership donation option on our main donation site. All funds are kept in a reserve fund by the SWE Endowment Fund Inc to provide funding for SWE in the future.

Download a Life Member Flyer & Contract here.

How to Become A Life Member:

To become a Life Member, you must make a total donation of $2,000 per one of the three payment options below and fill out this contract and send it to the following email: funddevelopment@swe.org. Please note:

  • You may use your employer’s matching donation program towards your $2,000 commitment. See Utilize Matching Gifts and Employee Giving to Become a Life Member below for more information.
  • Unless you make the full ($2,000) donation at one time, you must also maintain an active SWE membership and pay your regular SWE dues.
  • The minimum donation amount towards a Life Membership payment is $500.

How to Make Life Member Payments:

Online: You may donate online by going to swe.org/donate and selecting the Life Membership donation option under the “Fund” drop-down menu.

Mail: Checks and/or stocks are to be made payable to “Society of Women Engineers” and sent to Society of Women Engineers (SWE) P.O. Box 5940 Dept. 20-1023, Carol Stream, Illinois 60197

Phone: Donations can be made by phone by calling 312-596-5223.

Payment Plans:

You may select on of the three following payment plans on your LIfe Member contract. 

  • Plan A: $2,000 payable when the contract is signed.
  • Plan B: Readily marketable securities with a minimum value of the full Life Membership contract payable when the contract is signed.
  • Plan C: Three-year contract: $500 payable in cash at the time the contract is signed; $500 payable in cash on each of the three successive contract anniversary dates.

Many employers offer matching gift programsworkplace giving campaigns, or make a donation to a 501(c)3 in honor of your volunteer time and efforts. To find out if your company provides any of these options, please check with your Human Resources Department.

Matching Gift Programs: Over 15,000 employers sponsor matching gift programs and match their employees’ contributions to charitable organizations. If your company is eligible, please do the following:

  • Request a Matching Gift Form from your company.
  • Complete and submit the form to SWE along with your gift.
  • We will verify the form and return it to your company.
  • The company issues a matching gift donation to SWE.

Make a matching donation online or send all completed forms and gifts to:
Society of Women Engineers
130 East Randolph Street, Suite 3500
Chicago, Illinois 60601-6341

Questions? Contact SWE: Phone: 312.596.5223 Email: funddevelopment@swe.org

As a SWE Life Member, you’ll enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Unlimited access to all SWE member benefits for life.
  • Eliminates the need to renew membership on an annual basis.
  • Life Members benefit from special invitations to events at SWE’s Annual Conference.
  • Life Members promote the long-term sustainability of the organization through their generosity.
  • Members receive savings in dues if they plan to commit to the organization for more than twenty years.