Olive Salembier

Olive SalembierIn 1960 Olive founded the Specialized Packaging Engineering Company and Arizona Packaging Supplies Company in Phoenix, Arizona. As owner and general manager, she guided this organization in packaging for military, commercial, industrial, and export; packaging design and engineering; and the sale of special packaging materials. Before this, she was one of the founders of Specification Packaging Engineering Corporation in North Hollywood, California, remaining president of the firm until it disbanded in 1960.

Olive’s other business experience included work in the public relations field for motion picture companies. She also held a position in the teaching profession, an area in which she applied her college background from the University of British Columbia, where she majored in commerce and education.

Olive completed courses in engineering and packaging at institutions such as the University of California, MIT, New York University, and Purdue. She authored numerous articles on packaging and packaging engineering and received many awards for her work in these fields. In 1961 she won first prize in the Corrugated Container Class of the Society of Packaging and Handling Engineers National Packaging Competition, becoming the first woman ever to win top honors in this national competition.

She was a National Board member of the Society of Packaging and Handling Engineers and a member and Western Liaison representative of the National Institute of Packaging, Handling, and Logistics Engineers.