Society of Women Engineers

Shelley A.M. Wolff, P.E.

Shelley A.M. Wolff, P.E.


title Shelley A.M. Wolff, P.E. -Since joining the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) in 1976, Shelley Wolff has participated in numerous career guidance and professional development programs in support of SWE’s goals., as well as serving in local, regional and national leadership positions. She served as Kansas City’s President and Section Representative multiple years and initiated the Kansas City Section Computer Camp. Wolff served as Region I Director and National Secretary prior to election as President-Elect.

As National President of SWE, Wolff announced three priorities for FY02 including continued effort on strategic planning, development of a long-term revenue and fiscal plan, and continued concentration on section vitality and growth.

Wolff has been active in publicly promoting engineering as a career for women. Throughout her career she has visited numerous Kansas City area classrooms, participated in the National Mathematics Association’s local speakers bureau, presented programs for Kansas City’s Expanding Your Horizons program, and participated in several college student events.

Wolff has been interviewed for many publications including the National Society of Professional Engineer’s Engineering Times, and was featured on the cover of ACE Magazine. She participated in a panel discussion on diversity hosted by the National Academy of Engineers and participated in ASCE’s April Diversity forum.

Wolff was elected to the American Association of Engineering Societies’ Board of Governors for 2002-2004. Wolff is an associate vice president of HNTB Corporation, Kansas City, MO., where she serves as the office operations manager in addition to managing a variety of infrastructure projects.

Prior to her current assignment, Wolff was the Department Manager of HNTB’s Kansas City highway design department, where she actively sought out and sponsored women and minorities for department positions. She also sponsored company women to professional activities outside of HNTB. As director of project management training, Wolff actively sought women within the company who needed additional training to further their careers. Wolff also spent two years in the Corporate Planning and Communications Office working on strategic initiative implementation. HNTB also joined SWE as a corporate partner for the first time in 2000 at Wolff’s urging.

  • B.S. Civil Engineering, 1980 Iowa State University
  • M.S. Engineering Management, 1996 University of Kansas
  • Registered Professional Engineer in Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Arkansas
  • SWE Life Member
  • SWE Fellow Member