Dorothy Lemke Howarth Memorial Scholarship (Est. 1992)

Dorothy spent a lot of her life in Michigan, Iowa, India and Florida. She received a B.S. in Applied Mathematics (minor in Electrical Engineering) in 1976

Career Dorothy was Tool Designer for Beaver Tool and Engineering Co in Royal Oak, Michigan.  She spent a number of years in India when her husband who worked for Massey was transferred.  When they came back to Des Moines, IA and then retired to Florida. Both Dorothy and her husband were avid pilots.  She commented that in the early years she often went by “DLH” so gender was not an issue.  She liked to quote her Dad “Education is one thing you give to the next generation….what they do with it…you have nothing to say!”

SWE Dorothy was a Charter Member of the Detroit Section of SWE. She remained a strong support and active participant in SWE the rest of her life.

Other Affiliations Dorothy was a very private person, and little is known about her life beyond SWE and family.

Scholarship Dorothy was a generous SWE member who started to endow this scholarship in 1990. By 1999 she had donated $245,000. In a note in early 1994 after she had given $100,000, she said: “now she’ll work on another round number”. There are now many Dorothy Lemke Scholarships for sophomore engineering students.          She made it clear she did not want public recognition for these endowments.

Number Available: 5
Class: Sophomore
Major: Any
Amount: $5000

US citizenship required.