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STEM Partner Organizations

  • DiscoverE helps unite, mobilize, and support the engineering and technology volunteer communities. There are a variety of resources available including 10 Reasons to Love Engineering, Conversation Starters, and Activities.
    • Future City challenges middle-school students to imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future.
      • DiscoverE's Future City Competition introduces middle school students to the wonders of engineering through imagining, researching, designing, and building a city of the future – and you can get involved! SWE is recruiting members to volunteer as team educators, team STEM mentors, and competition judges. This year, the program is entirely virtual and you can get involved no matter where you are located.This year’s theme is Living on the Moon, which challenges teams to design a futuristic lunar city and provide examples of how the city uses two Moon resources to keep its residents safe and healthy. Team educators guide groups of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders through the project while STEM mentors share their real-world engineering experience and help team members think through their ideas. Competition judges score deliverables – including a short essay, model slideshow, video presentation, and Q&A session – at virtual regional competitions or the virtual Finals.
  • Design Squad - includes activities, animations, video profiles, and episodes.
  • website is designed to bring national attention to the exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women.
  • FIRST at Home is a way for our community to stay engaged with FIRST during a period where there are a variety of scenarios for continuing hands-on face to face learning.  The page spotlights specific resources targeted for educators and coaches that focus on the specific skill-building.  It also features a free and flexible curriculum series for teachers, parents, and coaches to engage students in STEM learning, skill development, and FUN in a variety of learning environments.
  • benefits from a prestigious and diverse array of national organizations dedicated to STEM.

Programs for Educators

  • 5 NSF-Supported STEM Resources for Virtual Learning
  • Engineering Activities and Lesson Plans
  • Teach Engineering - a collaborative project between faculty, students, and teachers.
  • Techbridge - resources and activities available for girls and volunteers.
  • - STEM for Kids - Our team has created a massive guide to STEM for Kids. This guide provides links to over 150 courses, top resources for each subject of the STEM curriculum, websites, activities, and is organized by age group for easy access. STEM curriculum combines Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to provide students with an approach that is focused on real-world applications. In recent years, American schools have ramped efforts to increase the number of available STEM programs. With the increased interest in STEM careers, accessing these programs early on can ensure the students of Chicago are well prepared for the future. However, in response to the pandemic, many schools have shifted to a completely virtual setting. As parents navigate the unpredictability of remote education, accessing at-home STEM opportunities for their children may prove to be more difficult than expected. 


SWENext offers opportunities for girls, families, and educators to connect with female engineers on a local level. Use the resources below to connect to programs in your area.

Marketing Resources

SWE offers a variety of marketing resources that can be used to bring awareness to SWENexters and SWENext programs.