SWE Youth Protection

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all participants in SWE- sponsored youth-focused programs throughout the world. Youth protection requires continued vigilance, and we work every day to protect children through appropriate policies and procedures at every level of our organization.

SWE’s Youth Protection Policy and supporting documents (SWE Advocacy Code of Conduct and SWE’s Bullying Prevention Guide) explain requirements and expectations for interacting with youth at SWE-sponsored events and activities across multiple event types and situations.

All volunteers and staff interacting with youth, including SWE youth advocacy leadership, must complete the following steps:

  1. Review the three documents and act in accordance with this policy.
  2. Complete the required training course every three years.
  3. Acknowledge agreement with the code of conduct and standards for interacting with youth.

How do I access the SWE Youth Protection training course?

The required training can be found in SWE’s Advance Learning Center in the Advocacy & Outreach section: SWE Youth Protection: Code of Conduct and Standards for Interacting with Youth


  1. Login to the SWE member portal using your SWE username and password. If you are not a member, select “Not a member” to create an account.
  2. Visit advancelearning.swe.org and select the “Advocacy and Outreach” icon. 
  3. Select “Youth Protection.”
  4. Select the course: “SWE Youth Protection: Code of Conduct and Standards for Interacting with Youth.”
  5.  Click the course link, then “Launch Content.” The course will open in a new window.
  6. Complete the course and knowledge check with a 100% to receive a certificate. Exit course.
  7. Follow the instructions below to download your Certificate of Completion. Send your Certificate to the event organizer to verify completion of the Youth Protection training.

After completing the course with a 100%, you can download your certificate in two ways to share it with your event organizer to verify your completion:

  1. Return to the course page to download your Certificate of Completion. 
  2. From the Advance Learning Center home page, select “My Activity” and “Certificates” and then select “View Certificate.”

More information about the Certificate of Completion is available in the Youth Protection FAQs.

Youth Protection Resources

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