Outreach Assessment

SWE Outreach by Numbers FY

The Outreach Committee’s Assessment Workgroup analyses and reports on SWE’s outreach efforts.

The Outreach Metric Tool (OMT) is a survey that reports STEM outreach events for K-12
students, or their adult advocates (parents/educators/scout leaders/etc.). The STEM events that should be logged in this report directly impact K-12 students, parents, and educators to help them explore and understand engineering disciplines and careers.

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Have questions about what events can be submitted? Read below: 

K-12 outreach events to be entered into the OMT include:

  • Special engineering events planned, executed, and led by SWE member organizations OR led by a partner organization, such as an engineering society or industrial firm, where, for example, a SWE collegiate, professional, or MAL section, formally participated
  • Individual K-12 outreach efforts of SWE members

Examples of events to enter into the OMT include:

  • One- and half-day workshops
  • Competitions
  • Weekend engineering expos
  • Mentoring K-12 students
  • Weeklong engineering summer camps
  • Individual meetings or formal talks are given to K-12 students, parents, and/or educators by SWE members.

Examples of events to avoid entering into the OMT include:

  • Events that have not yet occured
  • Preparatory activities leading up to an event, such as individual mentoring or planning meetings
  • Smaller events occurring in a larger overall event
  • Grant writing to fund special engineering events or outreach.

The data you enter will be used internally by the Outreach Committee to set goals and make strategic decisions based on what is happening in the SWE Outreach Community. The data will also be used externally with sponsors to show the impact of SWE members’ outreach. Many grants require the information we are collecting, and we need accurate information to share with them. For any questions on how to log your event into the OMT, please email us at outreach@swe.org. 

Congrats to our top-performing SWE Sections. Thanks for your hard work inspiring the next generation of engineers!