External Research on Women in STEM

Many organizations are promoting STEM diversity and inclusion through research on women and girls in STEM. SWE shares some of this external research here.

The ARC Network

The ARC Network strives to advance equity nationally by facilitating the adoption and implementation of evidence-based systemic initiatives. Members of the ARC Network community have access to a rich library of curated resources, including reports, white papers, briefings, unpublished manuscripts, toolkits, datasets, training videos, evaluation practices, and many other resources produced by researchers and practitioners involved in STEM equity. The ARC Network is funded by the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program.

To join the ARC Network and have access to articles from SWE’s annual literature review as well as many other STEM equity literature, visit equityinstem.org.

Download the 2021 report to learn about the NSF ADVANCE Program’s progress over the last 20 years. Since 2001, NSF has invested over $365 million towards projects aimed at making organizational change for gender equity in STEM academic professions.

Links to External Resources

Other organizations who provide data and reports on women in STEM: