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The graduate enrollment numbers for women in doctoral engineering and technology disciplines for the 2019-2020 academic year are similar to those found in undergraduate engineering and technology disciplines. For example, women are still underrepresented among students enrolled in doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering, comprising only 8.8% of these participants. The category of other engineering and technology disciplines has among the highest number of women (5,961) enrolled in their doctoral program. Among doctoral degree holders in mechanical engineering, women are also underrepresented (18%). Yet, they are even more severely underrepresented among aeronautical engineering Ph.D. degree holders, where only 7.4% of doctoral degree holders are women. On the contrary, in the disciplines of computer engineering, information technology, and architecture, there is more gender parity as women represent 49%, 51.4%, and 66.7%, respectively, of the doctoral graduates from these disciplines.

India female enrollment in PhD eng disciplines

India female degree holders in PhD eng disciplines

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