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SWE: Invent It. Build It.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) hosts Invent It. Build It. (IIBI) each year during their annual conference. IIBI exposes middle and high school girls to engineering hands-on activities and offers programming for educators and parents.

College Readiness

The ACT college readiness standards evaluate high school students' English, mathematics, reading, and science proficiency. The readiness benchmarks are the minimum ACT scores that can determine if students have a chance to succeed in their first year of college and a specific set of first-year college courses

Academic Preparation

High school preparation is associated with the math and science coursework taken in high school that helps prepare students to pursue an engineering degree. The gender gap in earned high school math and science credits has shrunk over the past few decades, with girls earning approximately the same amount of course credits as boys.

Next Generation Engineers? Examining the Pathways of Adolescent Females in SWENext

This project is a research collaboration between The University of Texas at Austin and the Society for Women Engineers and funded by grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF Award #1825328) to study the development of an engineering identity in high school girls participating in SWENext.

Engineering Messaging to Tween Girls: A Review of the Literature

This literature review report on engineering messaging to tween girls was developed for the National Science Foundation. The primary focus of the literature review was on available research on the effectiveness of messaging on increasing interest and awareness of engineering as a desirable profession, specifically among girls in the age range of 8-13 years old (“tweens”).

Intentions to Major in Engineering

Over the last ten years, interest in majoring in engineering and computer science has increased among both males and females.