Gender Scan: STEM Global Survey

Many studies have found that women in STEM face challenges in career advancement, workplace processes, work-life policies, and sexism. These challenges have prevented reaching gender parity in many STEM professions. Just how prevalent these challenges are around the world is not well understood.

To help understand the challenges women face in STEM education and career, and to identify effective (and ineffective) solutions, Global Contact has conducted a global survey to analyze and compare experiences across various parts of the world. Launched in 2008, Gender Scan is a biennial survey that looks at issues affecting gender balance in STEM, from education to career.

The Gender Scan 2021 survey was conducted online in 117 countries. Approximately 30,000 male and female respondents participated. SWE collaborated with Gender Scan to help gather responses across our global membership. Gender Scan reports are available for students and employees, comparing responses from the United States against other developed countries and responses gathered in Western Europe against other developed countries.

United States

Western Europe


In 2023, SWE contracted with Global Contact to conduct a Gender Scan survey in India for STEM students and employees. Due to a low response rate among students, the results are limited for this population.

Other Publications

Read the article published in SWE’s 2023 State of Women in Engineering magazine issue on the results from the STEM Employees Gender Scan survey.

Read the article published in SWE’s 2022 State of Women in Engineering magazine issue on the results from the STEM Students Gender Scan survey.