SWE Literature Reviews

SWE Literature Review on Women in Engineering

The purpose of the annual literature review on women in engineering is to present the readers of SWE Magazine with a summary of the best scholarly research on the position of women in engineering and related fields. Each year, significant quantities of scholarly research on women in engineering and STEM are published.

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For the 2023 literature review, almost 400 peer-reviewed articles, books, and papers were reviewed to better understand why there continue to be relatively few women in engineering and many other technical fields; to describe whether and how those fields are changing to try to attract more women, and to assess programs intended to help recruit and retain more women engineers and scientists. Those with an interest in getting to the bottom of the question of why gender continues to matter in engineering and science can learn much from this published research.

Listen to Recordings about SWE’s Latest Literature Review:

Facebook Live Event on May 19, 2021
Anne Perusak, Director, Editorial and Publications at SWE, moderated a discussion about the SWE Magazine Annual Literature Review between Dr. Peter Meiksins, a Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Cleveland State University, and a 2020 literature review author, and Dr. Roberta Rincon, Associate Director of Research at SWE.

Diverse Podcast Episode 121: SWE Research – The State of Women in Engineering 2021
Roberta Rincon, SWE’s associate director of research, and Anne Perusek, SWE’s director of editorial and publication discuss SWE Magazine’s State of Women in Engineering issue in this SWE Diverse episode. In addition to SWE’s annual review of literature, SWE’s research issue (published in April 2021) has a large focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on the engineering pipeline and K-12 education.