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United Kingdom High School Preparation

A report published by EngineeringUK found that while girls are well-represented in General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) courses (part of compulsory schooling), such as physics (50%) and mathematics (50%), the percentages of girls’ representation are lowest among entrants in GCSE computing and engineering courses, where they comprised 21% and 14% of students taking these courses in the 2020-2021 academic year.

United Kingdom Engineering Workforce

In the United Kingdom, women represented 15.2% of workers in core engineering roles across any sector. However, within the engineering sector, their representation is slightly lower (12.5%) compared to their representation (24.4%) outside the engineering sector.

United Kingdom Degree Attainment

While women's degree attainment in engineering and technology in the United Kingdom has increased over the last years, the proportion of engineering and technology degrees awarded to women has remained relatively stagnant at less than 20%.

United Kingdom Intentions to Major in Engineering

In the United Kingdom, a higher percentage of boys of all age groups than girls express positive views of engineering. Similarly, higher proportions of boys across all age groups report they would desire a career in engineering compared to girls.