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Mexico STEM Workforce

Mexico STEM Workforce: Women comprise less than 20% of employed professionals in engineering in Mexico.

Mexico Degree Attainment

Higher Education in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction: According to the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education, the proportion of engineering, manufacturing, and construction students that were women seems to increase at each level of education.

Mexico Science and Engineering Career Expectations

The 2018 PISA survey also included a portion where students were asked about their science and engineering career aspirations. A larger proportion of both Mexican boys and girls (30% and 10.7%, respectively) than the OECD average proportion of boys and girls (15.2% and 7.10%, respectively). Despite these promising career aspirations Mexican boys and girls have,…

Mexico High School Preparation

n OECD’s 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) assessment, 15-year-old students from Mexico participated. In both mathematics and science, Mexican students’ average scores were lower than the average scores of students belonging to OECD countries. For both math and science portions of the PISA, Mexican boys’ average scores were higher than that of their…